Another coat on the Passap for Petey

Okay, now don’t laugh. I am going to get one right -soon! I copied the measurements from a coat in the pet store. Of course, I did not try it on him. I took the measurements and it would have gone well except after taking my stitch and row guage I did not include the rib in the total measurement thus the coat came out longer! I think if I unravel half of the rib at the tail it will be okay. But…I am going to make again and make the collar much longer and the top about an inch narrower and it should be perfect. He was not happy about modeling it today since it is 73 degrees so I had to promise him a cookie or he said he would not pose! This pattern is just two squares . One on top and a narrower one on the bottom. Both pieces start with rib and end with rib. I like the rib on the tail since it pulls the knit in. The only problem I ran into is binding off. I tried a nice bind off in a passap book that was really easy but it did not pull the rib tight and it does not look nice. So, that will be a change too. Hope to have a perfect one with the pattern for you . 🙂


  1. Celestine Getty Said:

    ROFLOL…If looks could kill…he was very much not happy posing….Thanks for sharing

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    LOL you are right about that! Lucky to get him standing still.

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