Knitted Crochet Edging #2 on the Passap Machine

Okay everyone, I reknitted  the first crochet edge in this first picture  and it looks like the picture in the book. I first tried an 8/2 cotton and the yarn broke either because the yarn is weak and old or the tension was too tight. Did not care to figure which  one so I decided to try Perla by Tamm that looks like a cotton. It came out better and more detail. You can see the row of eyelets in this picture just below the main body of the piece.

The next picture of the second edging is the same pattern but on the last four rows before starting the garment the tension is left at the same as the edging tension. In the first one the last four rows before the garment are knitted at the tension of the garment which is about 2 and 2dots more on the dial. This hem has more body to it  . I will tell you that I hang a comb after the first row and it is easier and the points of the picot are more defined.


The picture on the left shows the edge number one on the bottom and the second edge just above it so you can see the two side by side. The picture on the right shows how it was done. If you double click with left mouse button on either picture you can see more detail. On the directions on the right I don’t think you will have to go to a higher zoom level to see it.

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