Felted Purse with Retro Tree Needlefelted Design

This is a felted purse that I showed on a previous blog. I needlefelted a retro tree on the front. I put plastic canvas in the bottom and sides to keep square shape on bottom.  The canvas shows up on the inside of the darker color so I covered it with a fabric with leaves on it. I then decided it needed a safe pocket inside. I felted a seperated piece the size of the back and added some rows and stitches. I had some left to felt the button and put in a magnetic snap. They are easier to open and close than a regular snap. I sewed a seven inche zipper in the pocket . I then cut to the shape of the bag and hand sewed the pocket in with the zipper. It is made with Lion brand fisherman’s wool and the color of the leaves is a light olive green. The handle is

one and a half inches wide and I like this the best . The bag measures 10 inches wide and 7 inches to the edge of the front above the closure. The strap is about 17 inches long from the point that it widens on one side to the same point on the opposite side. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop. I took a zillion pictures and could get a nice background but the color was off. The true color is best shown in the picture with the zipper.

This is the inside of the side of the purse with the fabric covering the  plastic canvas.

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