Machine Knitted Felted Purses

Okay, so now I know why I don’t write patterns! I bought a hand knitting pattern  from Carol Bristol Designs and decided I would try to convert to the knitting machine. This is my first purse. I used the stitches and rows from her patterns because I did not want to do a tension swatch.(lazy) I knitted the bottom , sides(all four) seperately and then knitted the handles in two parts joining at the top of the band. I also joined all of the seams . Well, it looked similar but I knew what I had to do to change it.  I would make the strap wider and you can see my joining seams and I don’t like that. So I set out to make another one and wrote that pattern up too.  The next picture is my second one. It is better but not the way I want it yet.

On this purse I knitted the bottom first. Then I rehung it and knitted the front and sides all in one to eliminate the front seam from showing. That worked . I also rehung the top to do the band sides and they are wider in this one. I decreased every other row until I got to the width of the band I wanted  and on the first one I decreased every row. This is more like the picture. Now I am going to make a third one and it will be perfect for what I want. I am going to needle felt patterns onto these once I get the pattern right. The next picture shows how I knitted the bottom and bound off. Then I rehung the bottom and knitted the front and sides. I know what you are thinking. Knit circular. I don’t like circular on my Brother Bulky because of the tension adjustments from one bed to the other.

The picture to the left shows how I knitted the bottom and then rehung the bottom and knitted the front and sides all in one. Then I just had to attach the sides to the bottom which did not take long. Now I am going to work on purse number three and it should come out exactly the way I want it. I need to make it wider also but I like the length of the ones I made. Click on these two pictures to make larger.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    I ♥ it! Where is the bird? I am waiting LOL

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you!
    I am going to try a chicadee on a pink dogwood branch. I found the picture but not sure if I have pink roving. Have to check. Stay tuned and you will see a finished bird within a week. 🙂

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