Felted Purse-Machine Knit

Okay, you know what they say. The third time is the charm. I added ten more stitches to make it wider. By doing this I was able to have wider straps. I like the width. I did add 20 more rows to the length of the strap. The following pictures will show how I made it. I started with the base of the purse49 stitches e wrap cast on and knitted 20 rows. Then I pulled the work forward and did a crochet cast on in front of the work(what would show on the outside) I then ewrapped 12 stitches on the right and left for the sides and hung light weights on those stitches. I knitted 66 rows and took off all stitches on waste yarn. On the back I rehung the bottom. I crochet cast on in front of the work and knitted 66 rows . I took off on waste yarn 18 stitches on each side and continued to work on the flap. I knit 19 rows and then decreased one stitch on each side 3 times and bound off. Will explain bind off later. I then mattress stitched the sides. I rehung the sides with bottom with right sides together and bound those stitches off.

The picture on the left shows the bottom with the crochet cast on so that both edges look the same.

I then rehung 18 stitches from the waste yarn on one side of the front. I rehung 12 stitches for the side and 18 stitches from the one side of the back. Total of 48 stitches. I knitted two rows and decreased every other row until I had 14 stitches on the bed and knitted to row 76 and took off on waste yarn. I then did the other strap on the opposite side. I kitchner stitched the two bands together. I then rehung the stitches on the back (13) that were left on waste yarn and I crochet cast on in front of the stitches and then I bound off using two strands of yarn and then the  purse was ready for felting. This is what it looked like before felting. It is actually pretty by itself but I am going to needlefelt a design just because it is fun to do! The bind off for the closure I bound off using a passap technique.COR and cut off yarn end about 8 inches. On the right hand knit one stitch using this yarn and pull the yarn all the way through after knitting it. Take the next stitch and hand knit through and pull the yarn all the way through. Continue until the last stitch and pull the yarn through. you won’t have a thick edge or knots showing from the last bind off. The finished size is 11 inches wide by seven inches long . If you go to the archives in my blog for February you will see how I finished this purse.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    You are felting away ♥ LOL PIN this! I Pinned it under MY Style along with the $1000’s of dollars worth of clothing that I afford, but they are my style 🙂

  2. Jane Said:

    Very nice indeed, well done! Quite inspiring!

  3. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you Jane. I am having fun making them though I need to get back to my favorite,the Passap. 🙂

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