Loop Closures Done on the Passap

I found an article in Duet International Magazine Number 18 March 1994 by Pat Cook on an alternative to fastening a garment with a loop and button. I thought it looked unique and there is no sewing. I pulled out some of my swatch samples(I should have picked better colors!) and decided to give it a try. I folded each side of the swatch to act like a double band. I followed the instructions given to make the loop on the passap. It is made using two needles on each bed and tension 5.5 on both locks and CX/CX on both beds. Knit 60 rows and graft the ends of the strand together forming a loop. Then you mark the band with pins for the entry point of your latch tool to pull the loop through the fabric in two places (one near the outer edge and one towards the inner edge. You will have two loops on top side of band and you will pull the outer loop through the inner loop and you are finished.

The next two pictures are the loops open and the underneath of the band showing the inside and the fact that it is not sewn on. I definitely want to try a jacket with this. It was fun.

If you don’t want to knit the cord, the fabric stores have a wonderful supply of cords that you could use to make the loops and attach to your garment. Of course, the fun is all in making them yourself. I did not place pins on my sample so they are not spaced evenly but you can get the idea. Another way of marking the band would be to put thread markers on the rows evenly spaced so that when you finish you know they will be right. Below is the diagram on placing the loops into the garment. Double click on picture to enlarge.


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