Woven Cables on Any Knitting Machine

I found an article called Single Bed Fabric on the Double Bed by Joan Stiles in Machine Knitters Source Nov/Dec of 2001. It uses the ribber to knit stitches looser so that crossing cables are not so tight. One of the samples was a woven cable. I liked the look of it and tried it and that is the sample to the left. I dropped a stitch on either side of the left cable to make them show up more. Well, they don’t look like the picture.

If you left click on this picture to the left you will see the woven cable in the top picture along with the directions. Well, it does not show up well in the picture but it does not look like mine! When I tried it I pulled each stitch through one stitch on the stitch holder. The look is okay but it looks like nothing but a mistake on the back and the pattern says it looks good on the front and back. So I went back and tried it again.

 Here is the final one I tried and the pattern does not tell you to knit two rows after the first crossing and cross again the same way. Now it looks like the original and it is different looking. Now I will tell you how I did it. Not everyone has a ribber or wants to use it(lol) When it came to the row to do the crossing I took a seperate piece of yarn and knitted the six needles all the way back to out of work position. Then I brought the needles out to hold(all 6 of them) I took the three stitches to the right off on a transfer tool. Then you take the latch tool and go through all three loops on the transfer tool and take one stitch on the left(3 stitches that make up the left side of the cable that are still on the machine) one at a time through all three loops and place on the right three stitches(you must leave the original stitches on the transfer tool. This is very important. Then when you have all three stitches on the right three needles, you take the stitches on the transfer tool and place on the left three needles.. The crossing is complete and you pull the yarn ends snug and e wrap around a needle and knit two rows and repeat the procedure. You can let the extra yarn run up the back of the garment or cut it after each cable. Read the pattern first and then try to follow mine if you try this.

The next picture shows a single crossing of the cable on the bottom of the picture  and then the knitting of two rows and repeating procedure to look like the picture.The picture on the right shows the extra yarn that I knitted the one loose row with. If you ewrap these ends when you knit the row after cable crossing you can just snip off the ends of the yarn( of course, not real short!) I used a wool yarn for the sample and the Brother Bulky Knitting Machine so you could see the results better.

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