St Patricks’s Day Knitted Scarf on the Passap

I wanted to knit a scarf for St Patricks Day to put in my Etsy store. This is my second design. The first design was just solid blocks of green and white. I did not like the result because the white yarn was a little lighter in weight and it did not look good. I went back and made borders and filled in some stitches so that the green and white were more evenly distributed. I used one strand of 224 yarn for each color with a tension of 2.5  . I had 46 stitches and placed them on needles 44 to 89 on the right side of the bed so that the yarn on the carriage side did not loop. I used technique 183 and knitted 1260 rows. The scarf is 5&1/2 inches wide and about 66 inches long. I used a shamrock that was in a dish cloth design to start with. Then I put two in a row evenlly spaced. I then flipped the right one upside down. I made one half of background white and the other half green making sure to change the color of the one shamrock to white. On the second row, I snagged the right half of the design and copied and pasted on the left side and then did that for the right side making design a total of 4 squares that were 46 stitches by 42 rows.


  1. Jacqueline Lewis Said:

    Where can I buy this scarf? I love it!

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