Preventing stitches from dropping while shortrowing heels and toes of socks.


I think I posted this a long time ago but someone asked me to explain it. While knitting socks and short rowing the toes and heels, stitches can pop off of the needles. On the Passap machine it is impossible to reach up between beds and pull the toe or heel down to prevent this from happening.(at least it is for me) I put a piece of ravel cord behind the stitches on the front bed. The piece needs to be long enough so that you can see it and hang a weight on it. I short row down to 12 stitches so I put the ravel cord behind stitches 6 left and 6 right. I then hang a weight(from my Brother machine) on the cord and I hang one on the left and right side of this to hold the rest of the stitches down. When you start to short row out again, open the beds and place the cord behind the same stitches as before. This takes a  little time but avoids the frustration of losing a stitch. You can also place three ravel cords(one on each side of the center piece) and gently hold them down with your hand while short rowing also. Also, make sure you are using the black strippers when doing toe or heel on one bed only




  1. Collette Said:

    Thank you soooo much for this tip. I just finished 2 pairs of socks on my Passap. It took me longer to repair the popped stitches than to make the rest of the socks. Next pair I’m using your wonderful tip.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      You’re welcome Collette. If this tip helps one person it was worth posting again. When you do this, put three of the ravel cords (or yarn) and try to put them right in the row behind the row on the needles . Then pull down on the cords gently with your left hand and you don’t even need the weights. Don’t use too heavy of a weight if you use them because you don’t want to stretch the heel or toe that much.
      Good luck and I hope you get a perfect heel and toe next time.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Elaine Schumann Said:

    This doesn’t tell me how to wrap when short rowing. Please explain

  3. e Porner whois

    Preventing stitches from dropping while shortrowing heels and toes of socks. | Cckittenknits

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