Husband’s Sock on the Passap

I made this sock on the Passap for my husband from a pattern that I bought . It is called Socks Especially for Passap Knitters in 14 Sizes by Cindy M. Schott,KAS Knit & Stitch. I wanted it to make a pair that showed how to do the short rowing properly on the Passap Machine. And the big discovery for me is that you wrap the stitches while doing the heel and toe going in and going out from short rowing. The pattern gives two ways of short rowing and this was the first way and it came out nicely without holes. The yarn is called Truly by Sensations and is a sock yarn. I bought it at Joann fabrics and it is about 7 dollars a skein and I needed one and a half skeins.  I waited for a sale of course.  It is 55% wool and 30% nylon and 15% rayon from Bamboo. It is machine washable and is softer after washing. I used a td of 6.. and 72 stitches. I knit 70 rows of rib at td 4 I short rowed down to 12 stitches on the heel and toe. I knit 20 rows for ankle and fifty rows for body of sock. My swatch was 10 rows to the inch and 7.27 st to the inch. The color is charcoal grey. On one skein it is 60 grams and 2.12 ounces, 262 yards and 240 meters


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Boy! He has got a big fooot! LOL

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Does Not! 10&1/2 🙂

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