Half Hat Knitted on the Machine

I have a friend that bought a hat like this and wanted to know if I could make one on my machine. I tried various yarns and techniques and I will share with you what I like the best.First of all this hat is too wide for my head so I made a second one. This one is six inches wide and about 22 inches long. I crocheted around the outer edge and added a buttonhole at one end and two buttons on the other end. The flower I made came from the following web site .http://tmatthewsfineart.blogspot.com/2011/11/free-knitting-pattern-headband-ear.html

In the side picture of the hat you can see the design. I don’t like the look of increases on the machine, I prefer the look of a decrease. So I made this so that both sides have decreases and look the same.

This hat is the second hat I made and it is five inches in width. I also tried a machine knitted flower and did not like it as much as the crocheted flower. In the side view of this one you can see it is narrower.

Here is how I made them: This is the smaller size.

Cast on 15 stitches with waste yarn and one row of ravel cord. Knit 24 rows stockinette stitch. On next row mark your middle needle. Transfer all stitches on the left side one stitch in doubling stitch on center needle. Knit two rows. Now on right side transfer all stitches in one stitch doubling on the center stitch and knit two rows. Remember to move the empty end needles out of work. Continue this way until you get to 6 stitches Knit two rows, Decrese to four stitches and bind off. Now rehang the stiches from the waste yarn and do the exact same for the other half except make a buttonhole on second last row. I made a two stitch buttonhole. You can also just bind off and crochet a loop on the end for the button instead of doing a buttonhole. Then I crocheted around the outer edge crocheting two single crochets, skip one space, two single crochets. If you do a buttonhole, crochet around that for strength and to keep from stretching. To make sure that your hat fits,  measure the first half and if it is half of the measurement of your head, finish. If it is too small add more rows when you rehang the second half of the band. For this project I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and hand fed the yarn instead of putting it through the mast. I used one claw weight and made sure to pull down work lightly after knitting each row. If you would like my hand written version of these hats, I can send them to you in a pdf file.

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  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Very pretty!! Nice job Carol ♥

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