Knitted Lace Sequin Scarf

I knitted this scarf on the Brother Bulky Machine. The yarn is Patons Sequin Lace. I used 38 stitches and tension five. There are five six stitche cables , three on the main bed and two on the ribber. On each end there are four stitches in a 1×1 position. I knitted 300 rows and scarf is 4 inches wide and 65 to 66 inches long. I e-wrap cast on , knit one row and transferred stitches to ribber in positon I mentioned. I knit six rows and crossed the stitches on the main bed cables, crossing the right to the left all the time(did same on ribber).I knitted six more rows and only crossed the two cables on the ribber. I continued like this until the end using one light claw weight from my Brother 965i to keep the stitches from popping off the ribber. When I finished the scarf I transferred all stitches to the main bed and cast off loosely NOT around the gate posts.

For some reason the sequins really show up in the picture. The color is a teal blue.

On the scarf that looks like it is around a neck, look at the left side of the scarf hanging down. You will see three cables. Now look closely at the right side(left click on mouse) and you will only see two cables. That is because it is the wrong side showing and you can’t tell while wearing if you twist the scarf by mistake. I like the way the ends flare out . If you don’t like this look if you make it just start with cables on the 2nd row to pull the work in. End the same also.

I have been having trouble big time with posting this blog tonight and I apologize. I don’t know if it is the program or my computer acting up. Sorry 😦


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Do you Sequin as you knit?

    • cckittenknits Said:

      The sequins are attached to the yarn. Is this what you wanted to know? 🙂

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