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Knitted Dog Coat for Petey

My project for today was fun but not totally successful.  I knitted a piece of fabric on the passap machine that was 25 inches long. I bought fleece material with paw prints for the lining. I bought a sewing pattern for the coat. I used 2 strands of 224 yarn for the fabric .

It was almost impossible to get a good picture with him moving around so much. I liked the pattern because it has an opening for the collar to come through to hook the leash. This is easy to get on him when he is moving because it has velcro on the underneath of his tummy and around the neck so nothing goes over his head. I don’t know that the collar helps at all . I think it should go all the way around instead of a half circle. The pattern says the collar can be folded back also . Why?

Now, what I don’t like is that the knitted fabric did not have to be that thick. One strand of 224 would have been good thickness. Secondly, I would like it to be two inches longer to go to back of tail(hard to measure a moving target! )and I would like the sides to come down about another half inch. I will make this again because I first bought black and white paw print fleece material so I have to use it up and there isn’t enough of it to make a fleece pair of pajama bottoms for me. lol

Preventing stitches from dropping while shortrowing heels and toes of socks.


I think I posted this a long time ago but someone asked me to explain it. While knitting socks and short rowing the toes and heels, stitches can pop off of the needles. On the Passap machine it is impossible to reach up between beds and pull the toe or heel down to prevent this from happening.(at least it is for me) I put a piece of ravel cord behind the stitches on the front bed. The piece needs to be long enough so that you can see it and hang a weight on it. I short row down to 12 stitches so I put the ravel cord behind stitches 6 left and 6 right. I then hang a weight(from my Brother machine) on the cord and I hang one on the left and right side of this to hold the rest of the stitches down. When you start to short row out again, open the beds and place the cord behind the same stitches as before. This takes a  little time but avoids the frustration of losing a stitch. You can also place three ravel cords(one on each side of the center piece) and gently hold them down with your hand while short rowing also. Also, make sure you are using the black strippers when doing toe or heel on one bed only



Passap Paw Dog Blanket

Okay, this was supposed to be the outer material for a dog coat I am going to sew with a fleece lining. Since the  paws are too large, it is now my dog’s blanket to sleep on in his favorite chair or I might put in car on seat when he goes for a ride to keep the hair off. I used 224 yarn and the color is red(not orange) and black.

Hubby’s foot in sock

I had to take a picture of my husband’s foot in this sock because my friend Linda from Craft Gossip has been razzing me about how big my husband’s foot is. He is a size 10&1/2 and his foot is not a gun boat!  These fit him perfectly and he was not happy about modeling them for me because he is trying to read a book. So now Linda, you owe him an apology! 🙂

Husband’s Sock on the Passap

I made this sock on the Passap for my husband from a pattern that I bought . It is called Socks Especially for Passap Knitters in 14 Sizes by Cindy M. Schott,KAS Knit & Stitch. I wanted it to make a pair that showed how to do the short rowing properly on the Passap Machine. And the big discovery for me is that you wrap the stitches while doing the heel and toe going in and going out from short rowing. The pattern gives two ways of short rowing and this was the first way and it came out nicely without holes. The yarn is called Truly by Sensations and is a sock yarn. I bought it at Joann fabrics and it is about 7 dollars a skein and I needed one and a half skeins.  I waited for a sale of course.  It is 55% wool and 30% nylon and 15% rayon from Bamboo. It is machine washable and is softer after washing. I used a td of 6.. and 72 stitches. I knit 70 rows of rib at td 4 I short rowed down to 12 stitches on the heel and toe. I knit 20 rows for ankle and fifty rows for body of sock. My swatch was 10 rows to the inch and 7.27 st to the inch. The color is charcoal grey. On one skein it is 60 grams and 2.12 ounces, 262 yards and 240 meters

Passap Afghan for co worker

I have a coworker that wanted an afghan for her grandson with his full name on it and birthdate.  She did not want baby colors because she wanted him to be able to enjoy it when he was older. I made this afghan from a pattern from the The Knittin Buds callled Sweet Dreams. Technique 187 and two strands of 224 yarn at tension 5 on both beds. I was concerned with bleed through using brown as background color but the beige I had was a little bit  thicker and it came out perfect. I blocked out the name and date for privacy  but you can get the idea. The second picture I just folded the afghan so the name and date don’t show.

Half Hat Knitted on the Machine

I have a friend that bought a hat like this and wanted to know if I could make one on my machine. I tried various yarns and techniques and I will share with you what I like the best.First of all this hat is too wide for my head so I made a second one. This one is six inches wide and about 22 inches long. I crocheted around the outer edge and added a buttonhole at one end and two buttons on the other end. The flower I made came from the following web site .

In the side picture of the hat you can see the design. I don’t like the look of increases on the machine, I prefer the look of a decrease. So I made this so that both sides have decreases and look the same.

This hat is the second hat I made and it is five inches in width. I also tried a machine knitted flower and did not like it as much as the crocheted flower. In the side view of this one you can see it is narrower.

Here is how I made them: This is the smaller size.

Cast on 15 stitches with waste yarn and one row of ravel cord. Knit 24 rows stockinette stitch. On next row mark your middle needle. Transfer all stitches on the left side one stitch in doubling stitch on center needle. Knit two rows. Now on right side transfer all stitches in one stitch doubling on the center stitch and knit two rows. Remember to move the empty end needles out of work. Continue this way until you get to 6 stitches Knit two rows, Decrese to four stitches and bind off. Now rehang the stiches from the waste yarn and do the exact same for the other half except make a buttonhole on second last row. I made a two stitch buttonhole. You can also just bind off and crochet a loop on the end for the button instead of doing a buttonhole. Then I crocheted around the outer edge crocheting two single crochets, skip one space, two single crochets. If you do a buttonhole, crochet around that for strength and to keep from stretching. To make sure that your hat fits,  measure the first half and if it is half of the measurement of your head, finish. If it is too small add more rows when you rehang the second half of the band. For this project I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and hand fed the yarn instead of putting it through the mast. I used one claw weight and made sure to pull down work lightly after knitting each row. If you would like my hand written version of these hats, I can send them to you in a pdf file.

Potato Chip Scarf “Short and Curly”

I made this scarf using the same method for the previous black scarf but only cast on six stitches and only knitted two rows with the second yarn Perla. It is shorter-30 inches, and curlier. I would wear this with a top or jacket. This would be a great neck warmer in an office that is cold.

Potato Chip Scarf #2

I made another potato chip scarf using a pattern from a site that my friend Jacqui sent me. She can find anything on the internet!  This is the site

I used Premier Yarn called “Starbella” and the second yarn is Perla, one strand. I cast on with Perla(e-wrap) on 8 needles on my Bulky Machine(you can use any machine single bed) I used a tension 2. for the Perla and the tightest mast setting. I knit two rows and then hung the Starbella and hand knitted that row. I then knitted 4 rows with the carriage with Perla. I hung the Starbella and knitted 4 rows Perla . I continued until I finished 306 rows.  The scarf is 65 inches long. It says you can machine wash this yarn but I would hand wash.

This scarf is not as curly as the white one I made. On that one I used 6 stitches and went wider on the black to 8 stitches giving a little more curl. This one is nice if you don’t like all the “fluff” at your neck.

Knitted Lace Sequin Scarf

I knitted this scarf on the Brother Bulky Machine. The yarn is Patons Sequin Lace. I used 38 stitches and tension five. There are five six stitche cables , three on the main bed and two on the ribber. On each end there are four stitches in a 1×1 position. I knitted 300 rows and scarf is 4 inches wide and 65 to 66 inches long. I e-wrap cast on , knit one row and transferred stitches to ribber in positon I mentioned. I knit six rows and crossed the stitches on the main bed cables, crossing the right to the left all the time(did same on ribber).I knitted six more rows and only crossed the two cables on the ribber. I continued like this until the end using one light claw weight from my Brother 965i to keep the stitches from popping off the ribber. When I finished the scarf I transferred all stitches to the main bed and cast off loosely NOT around the gate posts.

For some reason the sequins really show up in the picture. The color is a teal blue.

On the scarf that looks like it is around a neck, look at the left side of the scarf hanging down. You will see three cables. Now look closely at the right side(left click on mouse) and you will only see two cables. That is because it is the wrong side showing and you can’t tell while wearing if you twist the scarf by mistake. I like the way the ends flare out . If you don’t like this look if you make it just start with cables on the 2nd row to pull the work in. End the same also.

I have been having trouble big time with posting this blog tonight and I apologize. I don’t know if it is the program or my computer acting up. Sorry 😦

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