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Soft Knitted Scarf with Cables and Sequins

I knitted this scarf in a very soft yarn that has acrylic, polyester, mohair and wool. It is soft and airy and has tiny little sequins throughout the scarf. It is called Lace Sequin by Patons The sequins  can be seen if you look real close at the second picture. (left click on picture to make larger.) It is easy to care for. Machine wash and lay flat to dry. The scarf measures 5 inches wide and about 64 inches long.  It took one ball of the yarn. I tried to make this on the Passap machine but the hole of the sequins would catch on the needle and not knit off. So I used a tension five on the Bulky machine , 39 stitches and knitted about 310 rows. I hand transferred for all of the cables. The scarf took a couple of hours to make since I went slowly because of the sequins and it took time to hand transfer the cables. I really like the soft fuzzy feel of this yarn. This scarf is for sale in my Etsy store.

Felted Ball Ornament with Cardinal,Holly & Berries

I felted another Christmas Ball to needle felt a design. This is the 3 inch styrofoam ball. I needle felted the design with wool roving. The bird looks wide but it isn’t . It is because I took a close up picture to show design. I tied a green velvet bow around the top hanger. It is for sale in my Etsy shop where I am offering 25% off anything in my store until the 23d of December.


She Likes It !!

 heey thank you soooooo much for my scarf i am in LOVE with it sooooooooo much thank you!!!! “its perfect thank you sooooooooooo much LOL”  These were the words from my friends’ granddaughter on my facebook when she received the scarf. Is she cute in it or what! When I asked my friend how long it should be she said whatever you think. I told her “wrong answer” She looked up standard scarf measurements and it is 66 inches so we figured out about 72. It was more like 80 inches because of wrapping around the neck. Well, her granddaughter is happy and that is all that counts.

Felted Ornament with The Grinch

I just love the Grinch and wanted to try a felted ornament. I can’t sell it as I would need permission but I don’t think they have to worry about me making a lot of money from this! LOL

I knitted a smaller piece of wool, sewed the seam and then gathered the top and bottom(the bottom was weaving cast on and the top was taken off on a needle) I then felted for 20 minutes in the washer and the ball came out perfect.  The size of the ball also made it harder to do the picture to add features. The felted ball is 3 inches.

And Another Miniature Sweater

I made this miniature sweater in a Christmas green and the fairisle design in a white sparkle yarn that does not show up in picture. The neckline looks like it is a turtleneck inside of the sweater because of a row of stitching at the neck. The back has the snowflake fairisle design without the snowflakes. It is three inches tall and 6 inches from cuff to cuff. It has its own little hanger. It is for sale in my Etsy store

Sassy Scarf

I made this scarf for my friend’s granddaughter who lives with her. A couple of months ago my friend was correcting her granddaughter about something and her granddaughter said “You’re so Sassy”. Then she told a teacher that! Won’t tell you the outcome of that. lol So my friend wanted me to make her a scarf with that word on it and here it is. The first design my friend did was too large and when I scaled it down it really put it out of proportion. I knitted up the first design and if she wore it, it would have said “Assy” because the S would have been around the neck! So I just bound that off and made a wall hanging in the picture on the right. Hope she likes the scarf.

Felted Christmas Ornament with Needle Punch Chicadee

I knitted a piece of wool and sewed up the seam and gathered the top and bottom around a styrofoam ball. I then put it in washing machine and felted it for 20 minutes. Then I took wool roving and needle punched  the chicadee pattern like the one on the felted slippers that I made. I got the gauge for the ball from the felted slippers . I knitted the cord seperately and felted in my table top felter and cut to length and sewed it on. I added a velvet bow the color of the berries. It is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Miniature Knitted Sparkle Sweater

I knitted this miniature out of a yarn that I think is called Flash-not sure. Both the red and the white have a sparkle to them that the picture does not show too well. It is for sale in my Etsy store.