How I Knitted The Flower

This is the flower from the previous post once it comes off of the knitting machine. You start with a multiple of five stitches. I used forty stitches.Use weaving cast on so you can draw petals together after you are finished. Put all needles left of the first five on the right into the hold position. Set hold button. Knit five rows on the first five needles. Decrease 2 stitches of the five and knit 2 rows. Decrease to one stitche and knit one row. COR Take last stitch left and place it on the first needle of the next group of five to the left.  Push these needles back to knit on them for the next petal. When finished, it will look like picture.

In the second picture you pull on the end starting piece of yarn to draw into a circle and connect to the other end and draw tight and tie. On the last petal you will see your yarn end. Draw this under the petal to form like the rest and tie it off. It is very easy to do and it looks cute.

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