Sock Knitted in the round on the Passap E 6000 machine

I was in the checkout at the Joann Fabric Stores and they had sock yarn on sale at the register. I bought one and it said that one pair could be made from one skein. Here is the first one I did and I did the short rowing correctly this time because the pattern told you specifically how to do it. I don’t know the author but the title on the pattern just says Passap  Socks Knitted in the Round. The sock yarn really looked like it was thin and that is why I thought I would try it on the Passap.When I did my tension swatch it turned out that I had to use a tension of 7 and that surprised me but they came out nice weight and fit. The next day I bought three more skeins and now I think it was a closeout on the yarn since it is all gone now. The brand is Bernat Sox and it is 100 grams in one ball. I will have left over of the one ball after I make the second sock so I felt that this was a good deal. I am going to check online and see if it is still made. Yep, I found it online and it sells for $6.97 a skein.

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