Bernat Sox on the Passap Machine

This is another pair of socks made with Bernat Sox yarn. I had 1/2 ounce of yarn left after the last pair I made so on this pair I made the ankle shorter(2 inches) and the rib longer. I like it even better. I have not washed this pair yet but stitches will close a little more. I solved a problem that all people that knit socks run in to. That is , holding down on the work while short rowing the heel. In the second picture you will see what I did. I did not have a problem with stitches rising up on needles until I short rowed the heel back out to the original number of stitches. In the picture you will see that once I short rowed in, I placed a piece of ravel cord on each side of the stitches that are left before completing heel. I used a latch tool to pull the piece of ravel cord down between the beds. I made it long enough that I could hold it with my knees until I completed the heel. On the Passap machine, the beds are so close together that it is hard to get a weight in there to hold the heel. I could have tied the ends of the ravel cord together to hold weight also. This works for me!




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