Make It Yourself Yarn Holder

When my sister and I got into machine knitting years ago, my brother in law made both of us yarn holders . He used a wood board and you can see the hardware he put into it.(Left click mouse to see larger picture) Then he made the holders and put the screw into the end of it. He used a hard plastic(don’t know where he got it) but you could use a wooden dowel. I can unscrew the dowels and move them apart to accomodate large and small cones of yarn. Well, recently I bought a yarn winder and it is nice except that when the ball gets down to the end, it flops all over the place. So I unscrew one of the pegs and place it in the end of the yarn winder and slide the ball onto it. Then I take the peg and screw into the board.  I have this board sitting on the back of the table of my Bulky machine. He made a larger one that is double rows and that sits on the floor under my other machines. It is light enough to move under my Brother and Passap machines. You can see the plastic peg next to the yarn winder. It has the screw in the end of it. I know a lot of you women are handy or have husbands that are.This has really helped me over the years. If you left click on the pictures they will become larger to see the detail

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