Felted Clogs for my friend Linda







I am felting three pairs of slippers today. I made this pair for my friend Linda. I used Fisherman’s wool by Lion brand and the colors are Brown Heather and the contrast color is Oatmeal. I tried doing a contrast band in the garter stitch to hopefully raise the felting to look like a strap. It did not work. I will knit a seperate piece to try on another pair for the strap. I felted these in a pillow case because my friend Jacqui sent me an email of someones blog and the felting can clog the pump in the washing machine. UH-OH!!

It took about 20 minutes to felt these to her size. Hope she likes them. I plan to sell these in my Etsy store starting in October.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Wow! I am Linda and I am one of your BFF’s does this mean me ? :). I am so excited ♥♥♥

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can Vince pick them up at office for you tomorrow? 🙂

  3. Celestine Getty Said:

    OK I want size 8. How do I order and how much will they cost….I need a new pair of slippers.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Celestine, I am working on them now to put in my Etsy store. I will email you when I stock them. I will also edit the listings and mention they are available in my store. Thanks for the interest.
      Carol 🙂

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