Felted Clog Slippers on the Brother Bulky

These are felted clog slippers that I made on my Brother Bulky machine last night. The lady that sent me this site for the pattern told me they will make nice “dog slippers” for my new puppy! I hope not.

 They are from a pattern called Clog Slippers by Karalyn Rainey. They are the cutest felted thing I have ever made. They fit nice, feel nice, look nice and I will definitely wear them . When I first started the felting the lining kept coming out. When they started to get smaller it stayed inside. I used Paton’s wool, 7 to 8 ounces. I used what I had and the colors are black for the outside and oatmeal for the inside. They were fun to do with a nice result. I plan on making more because I like them so much. And they will keep my feet warm this winter. This pattern is free at http://www.mkgsd.com/free-patterns.html

I don’t like the areas where the color changes so now I knit the first part starting with the hem, then I do half of the heel and change to another color . See the last picture.



  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    So confy looking! How much are you asking for them ?
    Do you made the ankle boots like this?

  2. Betty Said:

    I love the look of lhese slippers too, and also ask about ankle boots, or even just higher backs. Would this be easy to manage? Thank you for this site. It is new to me xxx

  3. Michelle Said:

    How did you make that adorable flower on the pink clogs (labeled 1-24-2013 in the picture)? Looks like i-cord or “worm edging”?

    • Hi Michelle, the flower is made on the knitting machine. I posted the information in October of 2011. If you go to myblog, the dates are on the left. Click on the October 2011. Scroll down the first page and at the bottom click on previous entries. Scroll to the bottom and you will see it. Any other questions, just email me.
      Carol 🙂

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