Why I can’t knit on the Passap




I can’t knit because this little guy came to live with us on Saturday. He is a Jack Russell terrier and he played all day long. No hope for  me knitting for awhile. LOL  This is supposed to be company for my husband while I knit but I have been the one to let him out and walk him. You know how that goes. However, they are bonding now watching footbal together!

I was able to make a couple of things in the last week. I wanted to make the Christmas stocking with the carpet stitch a little bit smaller than the first one. I used Bramwell duomagic and they came out smaller. I am having trouble shortrowing so I got out the directions and I was doing it right. I think the tension on the yarn was not there when I was short rowing leaving large holes. I was wrapping the needles correctly also. Will try again and see if that is the problem. I wanted to make pins with the smaller ones.


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  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    I love these ♥ Did you hand knit them?

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