Passap Lace Scarf using racking

This is a scarf pattern that I found for free from a yarn shop in Canada. The picture on the left is the scarf as it comes off of the machine. It is nice if you like narrow scarves. The picture on the right is the scarf stretched and pressed showing the lace design. The yarn is Estillo by Tamm. The pattern called for over 70 stitches but I used 40 just to try it out. The author is Pat Holbrook. If you do the proper needle set up, the racking is easy. It is 24 rows racking from middle to right to left and back to middle position. If you MUST leave the machine, just leave with the lock on the left side. When you come back, you will knit to the right and racking handle tells you which direction you are moving. Left click on picture to make larger to see detail.I am glad that I tried this because I tend to stay away from racking because of losing my place. I enjoyed the challenge. Estillo was one of the yarns suggested and it is very light, drapey, and airy. It feels very soft around the neck.


  1. Aaltje Doedens Said:

    I like this pattern! In my book I found: 1101/257* I don’t know if you have the same pattern book? When I look at the picture in my book there is no lace in it. Your scarf looks very open. Can you tell my how you did it? I hope you understand, my “scool” English is not so good.

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Hi, This pattern was free so I will mail you a copy of it to try . Thanks for visiting my blog. Your English is great!

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