Transfer Lace Sweater on the Passap using the U100

I finished this sweater late last night. It fits me nicely. I used the U100 to transfer stitches from the front bed every four rows. It is pattern 1033 and technique 280. I did set in sleeves since drop shoulder sweaters look terrible on me.

I am not that familiar with doing necklines on the passap yet so I did a simple one. I added up the neck stitches I would need. I cast on and did a 2×2 rib for 60 rows starting with tension 7. I changed tension every ten rows and ended up with tension 5.. at row 60. I transferred all front bed stitches to the back and then hung the sweater with the right side facing me and knitted one row by hand. Then I knitted 6 rows at a looser tension like 5 or 6 and took off on waste yarn. Then I folded the edge down and backstitched through the open stitches  of  the last row of stockinette stitch. I used the “sandwhich” because when the neck folds over, it gives it a nice finished look.

I steam the waste yarn and the rows of stockinette of the band so that when I unravel the waste yarn, the stitches don’t go anywhere. This part of hand work I actually enjoy doing. It does not take long at all once you do it several times.

This is not a dressy yarn. I used Bramwell 4 ply yarn. I have had this yarn for years . I liked the flecks of color in it . I bought it when I first started to make sweaters. I made simple ones to get the fit right and used the yarn to add a little to the plain sweater. This design however would have shown up better with a plain color. You can see through this so I will wear a tan round neck top under it. It has a nice look with the other color showing through. I also attached the sleeves on the machine.  Now……what should I do next!

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