Alternatives to Ribbing on Passap #4

This sample is called a Tuck Band by Dorothy Namanny. It is just like # 3 as far as needle set up.  Cast on tubular in 1 x 1 rib and then transfer needles 3 up and then 3 down along the needle beds. I will tell you it is best if both sets of three needles on the ends are on the back bed. Use weights and  blue or black strippers. The only pushers in work are the ones on the front bed under the middle needle only of the groups of three.

This is the back side of the tuck rib band. You can see on close up in the picture that the middle stitch of the three stitches is being knitted and the ones on each side are the ones that tuck.

Left mouse click on the needle set up to get a closer look. You will change lock settings after 4 rows of tuck to two rows on N/N. Repeat this for pattern. These samples, # 3 & # 4 would look nice on the bottom of a tunic or bottom of a sweater that you don’t want to pull in real tight.

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