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Felted Clogs with Felted Button for my Sister

Here is the last pair I made for my sister. I tried felting a button to go on it to add a little more to the clog. This is my last free pair unless I find more friends I did not know I had or for my husband if he wants a pair. LOL These are made from Pattons yarn and I wanted to see how the variegated yarn looked.

Felted Clogs for my friend Anne

These are felted clogs for my friend Anne in Canada. One of her favorite colors is red. These are like the brown ones with the snowflake. The second picture shows the size before felting.This is Paton’s wool. It looked like the water was a light pink so ther might have been a little bleed from the red but it does not spoil the clog. One more pair to felt for my sister. Unless my friend Sheila wants a pair. She has a Bulky though and she said she would make her own but the offer still stands for a free pair for her. This pattern will be available in my Etsy store in October.

Felted Clogs for my friend Linda







I am felting three pairs of slippers today. I made this pair for my friend Linda. I used Fisherman’s wool by Lion brand and the colors are Brown Heather and the contrast color is Oatmeal. I tried doing a contrast band in the garter stitch to hopefully raise the felting to look like a strap. It did not work. I will knit a seperate piece to try on another pair for the strap. I felted these in a pillow case because my friend Jacqui sent me an email of someones blog and the felting can clog the pump in the washing machine. UH-OH!!

It took about 20 minutes to felt these to her size. Hope she likes them. I plan to sell these in my Etsy store starting in October.

Make It Yourself Yarn Holder

When my sister and I got into machine knitting years ago, my brother in law made both of us yarn holders . He used a wood board and you can see the hardware he put into it.(Left click mouse to see larger picture) Then he made the holders and put the screw into the end of it. He used a hard plastic(don’t know where he got it) but you could use a wooden dowel. I can unscrew the dowels and move them apart to accomodate large and small cones of yarn. Well, recently I bought a yarn winder and it is nice except that when the ball gets down to the end, it flops all over the place. So I unscrew one of the pegs and place it in the end of the yarn winder and slide the ball onto it. Then I take the peg and screw into the board.  I have this board sitting on the back of the table of my Bulky machine. He made a larger one that is double rows and that sits on the floor under my other machines. It is light enough to move under my Brother and Passap machines. You can see the plastic peg next to the yarn winder. It has the screw in the end of it. I know a lot of you women are handy or have husbands that are.This has really helped me over the years. If you left click on the pictures they will become larger to see the detail

Felted Clogs with Motif

Here I go again! These are so much fun to make. I did a motif in the top of them and I did the rib in  cream also and the main body of the slipper in  brown. Sure wish the yarn was on sale now. My friend came up with a good idea. I had trouble with the lining coming out during felting. She suggested tacking the toe and the heal and it would stay together. Good idea Sheila! It worked.  Can’t wait to try different colors. One lady that made these clogs sews the side seams on a sewing machine and hers looked nice. I just sewed the seam with a mattress stitch. it does not take that long to do unless you have a whole bunch of people that want them. LOL

Felted Clog Slippers on the Brother Bulky

These are felted clog slippers that I made on my Brother Bulky machine last night. The lady that sent me this site for the pattern told me they will make nice “dog slippers” for my new puppy! I hope not.

 They are from a pattern called Clog Slippers by Karalyn Rainey. They are the cutest felted thing I have ever made. They fit nice, feel nice, look nice and I will definitely wear them . When I first started the felting the lining kept coming out. When they started to get smaller it stayed inside. I used Paton’s wool, 7 to 8 ounces. I used what I had and the colors are black for the outside and oatmeal for the inside. They were fun to do with a nice result. I plan on making more because I like them so much. And they will keep my feet warm this winter. This pattern is free at

I don’t like the areas where the color changes so now I knit the first part starting with the hem, then I do half of the heel and change to another color . See the last picture.


An old hem from Passap Book #10

My friend sent me the link to a blog page of a woman that went to an old passap book and changed the hem to make it more modern. I love what she did . She explains it on her site. I just had to try it and I used Woolray(my first knitting with this yarn) What I don’t like about these books is they are like Voque sewing patterns-Vague! I like things spelled out for learning something new. Ozlorna’s blog page made it clear.

O Z L O R N A ‘ S K N I T T I N G B L O G




Why I can’t knit on the Passap




I can’t knit because this little guy came to live with us on Saturday. He is a Jack Russell terrier and he played all day long. No hope for  me knitting for awhile. LOL  This is supposed to be company for my husband while I knit but I have been the one to let him out and walk him. You know how that goes. However, they are bonding now watching footbal together!

I was able to make a couple of things in the last week. I wanted to make the Christmas stocking with the carpet stitch a little bit smaller than the first one. I used Bramwell duomagic and they came out smaller. I am having trouble shortrowing so I got out the directions and I was doing it right. I think the tension on the yarn was not there when I was short rowing leaving large holes. I was wrapping the needles correctly also. Will try again and see if that is the problem. I wanted to make pins with the smaller ones.


Passap Lace Scarf using racking

This is a scarf pattern that I found for free from a yarn shop in Canada. The picture on the left is the scarf as it comes off of the machine. It is nice if you like narrow scarves. The picture on the right is the scarf stretched and pressed showing the lace design. The yarn is Estillo by Tamm. The pattern called for over 70 stitches but I used 40 just to try it out. The author is Pat Holbrook. If you do the proper needle set up, the racking is easy. It is 24 rows racking from middle to right to left and back to middle position. If you MUST leave the machine, just leave with the lock on the left side. When you come back, you will knit to the right and racking handle tells you which direction you are moving. Left click on picture to make larger to see detail.I am glad that I tried this because I tend to stay away from racking because of losing my place. I enjoyed the challenge. Estillo was one of the yarns suggested and it is very light, drapey, and airy. It feels very soft around the neck.

Transfer Lace Sweater on the Passap using the U100

I finished this sweater late last night. It fits me nicely. I used the U100 to transfer stitches from the front bed every four rows. It is pattern 1033 and technique 280. I did set in sleeves since drop shoulder sweaters look terrible on me.

I am not that familiar with doing necklines on the passap yet so I did a simple one. I added up the neck stitches I would need. I cast on and did a 2×2 rib for 60 rows starting with tension 7. I changed tension every ten rows and ended up with tension 5.. at row 60. I transferred all front bed stitches to the back and then hung the sweater with the right side facing me and knitted one row by hand. Then I knitted 6 rows at a looser tension like 5 or 6 and took off on waste yarn. Then I folded the edge down and backstitched through the open stitches  of  the last row of stockinette stitch. I used the “sandwhich” because when the neck folds over, it gives it a nice finished look.

I steam the waste yarn and the rows of stockinette of the band so that when I unravel the waste yarn, the stitches don’t go anywhere. This part of hand work I actually enjoy doing. It does not take long at all once you do it several times.

This is not a dressy yarn. I used Bramwell 4 ply yarn. I have had this yarn for years . I liked the flecks of color in it . I bought it when I first started to make sweaters. I made simple ones to get the fit right and used the yarn to add a little to the plain sweater. This design however would have shown up better with a plain color. You can see through this so I will wear a tan round neck top under it. It has a nice look with the other color showing through. I also attached the sleeves on the machine.  Now……what should I do next!

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