Transfer lace sweater on the passap

Today I decided to try a transfer lace sweater using the U100. It is a simple pattern and only requires transfer every four rows instead of every two rows. I did a 2×2 rib and it will have set in sleeves and crew neck. Simple. I did not do cut and sew because it is easier for me to do it on the machine and have it come out evenly than to use my sewing machine (that just died after 30 yrs!   😦    The yarn I am using is Bramwell four ply. Of course, after I started this I recieved my order of some Bramwell duo magic in beautiful colors. Oh well, need to use some of the yarn up that I have. If you click on left button of mouse on picture you will see a blue strand of ravel cord at the bottom. I learned this simple technique for pulling stitches together from casting on. After you do your CX rows for circular cast on, lay a thread of waste yarn across the needles between the beds and gently pull down both ends under the machine and knit your N/N row. When you take the cast on comb off, it pulls the edge together nicely. Then remove it.

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