Alternatives to ribbing on the Passap #1 & #2

I found some notes on rib alternatives that came with theE6000 when I bought it. This is the first one I tried. I don’t like it. You set up needles in 1×1 and do circular cast on.(N/N,CX/CX/N/N) Then change to black strippers and knit 2 rows N/N, and then knit 12 rows CX/CX. Repeat these two settings . It does not stretch much and the ends are finished which I would think would be a bear to sew up when finished with sweater.

This is the second rib I tried and I like it – a lot! It would be nice in cotton as a place mat, cuffs for a jacket,  would make a nice scarf since both sides look the same. I will try this with one strand of my Jaggerspun wool. The edges come out really nice and finished. The set up is the same. Cast on 1×1, N/N,2 rows CX/CX, and one row N/N. Switch to black strippers and Knit two rows N/N and two rows CX/CX. Repeat the pattern from regular to cx rows and this is the design you get. Both samples were done with st size 5 on both beds. I have about eight more to try and will post when I get them done.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Boring LOL I need to see some out there designs lady, like the witch 🙂 ♥ JK

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Just because you are my friend you are not supposed to abuse me! 😦 I am working on a sweater right now in a lace design so hush up!

      • Linda Lanese Said:

        I am your friend and you know I would never abuse you 🙂 I am hushing up 😦

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    I know you are kidding and you don’t have to hush up!! 🙂
    You can make it up to me if you have more tomatoes though! Hee, Hee 🙂

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