Passap Lace, drop stitch and U100E

I had three days off and not one minute to knit until tonite. Just played around with some lace. The first sample is the drop stitch lace . It’s really quick and easy. It is setting eyelet one with a color and setting eyelet 2 to knit but without yarn. My sample is 50 stitches. Pushers on both beds in work . The pattern is 1016 and technique 256. Knit two rows with the color 1 and pick up eyelet 2 that is empty and knit 2 rows. It drops the stitches from the front bed. Just repeat these four rows and you have a nice lace pattern.

The second sample came out wider and a little bit thicker than the first one. There are no pushers in work on the back bed and all in work on the front bed. It is pattern 1018 and technique 280. On this sample, two rows of color 1 are knitted and then the U100 is used on setting four. Knit two rows again and transfer using the U100 Repeat these four rows. The first fabric above is thinner because stitches are dropped. On this fabric the stitches are transferred to above stitches and some needles have two stitches on them thus making it thicker and wider. I used perla yarn and both samples would look nice on a shell.

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