Baby Afghan Lovely on the Passap E 6000

I finished this Baby Afghan lovely today. It is a shower gift. I used a bright white in case they use it for a Christening. The baby is due in October so it will be cool out then.I am making a baby sweater and a hat and booties to go with it. I will be posting them when I finish them. I love this pattern because it is rare that mistakes happen.


  1. Beth Said:

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      LOL!!! Thanks!

  2. Jackie Said:

    How lovely to make something as gorgeous as this afghan, so clean and pure looking for a young baby.
    I am very envious of your talent to do this. I only have a Duo 80, would this pattern be possible do you think?

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Jackie. I don’t know much about the DM80 but I do have a conversion chart I will send you showing you the settings on the E6000 and then what you would do on the DM80.
      Carol 🙂

  3. I love it! Such a beautiful job! You inspire me!

  4. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you Margee! I love to hear that. 🙂

  5. Robert Said:

    WOW!!!Beautiful. Is this Pattern avaliable. I would love to try it on my E6000

  6. cckittenknits Said:

    Hi Robert, The pattern is free in one of the Yahoo groups. Are you a member of any of them?

    • Robert Said:

      Hi Carol
      Yes but there are a few on the passap knit yahoo group.
      I have tried to make before but it did not turn out. Can you please e-mail at my email address please
      Thank you
      Robert in Ohio

  7. i am learning .going to be A Grear grand mother does anyone know where to get the pattern

  8. Donna Said:

    Have been searching and searching for the pattern… has anyone found it yet?

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Donna, Send me an email to and I will send you what I have. 🙂
      I have the adult and the baby size. I download from win crea.

  9. Inge Said:

    Ihave apassap E 6000 with the pattern reader do you have the drawing of the pattern I have it done several of the Afghan lovely 20 years ago But seams like something is missing of my paatrn can you Help Need one for first great grand child

    • Hi, I have the file in my program win/crea. The file extension is CUT. If you have win/crea program (free on internet) then I can send the file and you will be able to open it. Then you can put on reader sheet. Let me know.

      • Inge Said:

        Thank you for your reply I’m not internet smart so can you tell me what win/crea program is and how I sign up for it My son is internet savy and would help me.
        But he has no idea what I mean when I said Win/crea
        So if you would tell me where andto get it I wil be forever greatful I am over 70 years young but not for the computer

        Thank you so much

        If you go to this site you will see win/crea on the left. Click on win/crea and it will say download. It is safe and free. The site it is from is called Knitsings. This is how I get my designs from my computer into my knitting console. Have you heard of Design a Knit? Win/crea is a simple designing program and it is user friendly. My computer is far away from my knitting machine so I carry the passap console into the computer room, download pattern and take it back to the machine. Really quite simple.

      • Inge Said:

        Hi Inge Here
        I was wondeing what kind of cable do you use from the computer to the console I took my PC in to have it checked and cleand The Computer guy wanted to know what kind of cable to use from the computer to the console They want to make sure that they do the right thing for Then they like to see my work,to make sure that they helped me
        Can You help me on this one
        Thanks for all the help you have given me


      • Darrell Boldt Said:


        With Win/Crea downloaded installed, and I make a cable does then make it so I don’t have to feed the pattern through Passap E 6000 from the top. is this making it work with computer instead with a USB or com port. no more pattern feed?

        Thanks Darrell Boldt

  10. Can i use this pattern on my electronic brother kh965i

    or can it be changed to work on my machine.?

    • Hi, No you can’t make it on the Brother. The only thing that would look anything similar would be to input the pattern and use the G carriage. It would not have the waffle look or thickness that the passap gives though. I have a couple of Brothers but the passap is the best for baby blankets. Sorry to disappoint you. :)

      • Inge Said:

        Now that I hve my pattern in my E 6000
        My lock is very tinght going over the needle bed I cleaned it,and oiled it
        Stich pattern is # 3 the stiches on the lock is on # 4 but it is not sliging smooth what could be my problem

  11. Hi Inge, Is it difficult to slide with the yarn or without the yarn? I am assuming with the yarn. Try raising your tension dial for the yarn OR your mast tension might be too tight. What yarn are you using? Also, do you mean cast on # 3?
    Did you hang a cast on comb? Strippers also need to be OUT when casting on if you use the comb. Let me know.

    • Inge Said:

      I use Tamm Sky Man Made Fibers and Synthetic its a 2 Pty
      yes the cast on is# 3 I will use the Comb and try it

      • Okay, sky is not a waxed yarn and it knits harder. You may have to go higher in tension for the body of the afghan also. Do you ever use 2 strands of 2/24 yarn? Inexpensive and knits beautifully on the passap.

      • Inge Said:

        Thank’s I will try that


    • Inge Said:


      just wonderd if you received my message about the cable that you use from the Computer to the Concol The Computer Company hers in Salt Lake ars not sure wich cable to use Could you please tell me what kind of cable you have
      Just want to thank you for your kindness and help you have given me
      My baby blanket looks great thanks to you

      • Hi Inge, I just saw your email this morning. I am at the hospital all day with my hubby for chemo therapy. Will answer tonight.

      • Inge Said:

        Good luck for your Husband I wish him well my prayers are with him

      • Hi Inge, thank you! I have to ask my friend about the cable. She is responsible for getting me up and running.

      • Inge Said:

        Thank you Carol I would like that
        I hope your husband is ok

      • Hi Inge, Did you get the pictures of the cable? The cable was purchased from Richard and Ann Croucher . They are in England I believe. You can contact them through the passap groups.
        Carol 🙂

      • Inge Said:

        Thank you for the info A computer company checked it out ont the web side and is trying to make one thanks again


      • Hi Inge, great. I hope you don’t overpay.
        Carol 🙂

  12. Inge Said:

    Hi Carol

    Inge here I have the cable drew the pattern on win /crea But tryed to transfer and it will not let me,it reads the pattern that is all Is there something that we are missing??
    Is there a way that You could tell me what I m doing wrong Or if You could let me copy yours and see if I get it on the machine
    Also would hope and pray that your husband is doing much better


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