Witch and Moon Throw on Passap

I made this witch and moon throw for my friend Linda if she wants it. She has had a really rough week. Halloween is her favorite time of year. I used technique 211, black strippers all the way with no mistakes on the back. I was able to figure out how to get the moon round instead of oblong! The size is 32 by 34 inches. I think the witches nose is about 10 inches long  too. lol


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    I want it LOL

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    It’s yours! Hope things are going smoother for you now.:)

  3. Bonnie Said:

    WOW! You are doing so good with your afghans! Do you use a motor? Also which design program do you use? i love getting your posts. they make me want to quit work and go PLAY LOL

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Bonnie. I don’t use a motor and I don’t want one. Yes, my arm and shoulder get sore and may have to in future but not for now. I have several design programs. I am getting better with DAK so I use DAK. When I get it the way I want it, I turn off the grid lines, hit copy and take into my Adobe Photo Shop. From there I save it to win/crea to download to machine. I also have Journal Six that is fantastic if I would just learn it. I loved your last line in your comment about quiting work and go play. I really laughed. I always say my job gets in the way of my crafts.

  4. Bonnie Said:

    So TRUE!! My darling hubby keeps telling me I can go to my studio and play all I want…..after I get the lettuce planted, the garden weeded (4 acres!) the cuttings in and the corn planted, the peas picked…..SURE I can go anytime as long as I don’t want to sleep! I have DAK5 but have no clue on how to use the computer it is on (DOS). I have Win Crea but haven’t figured that out and am getting Journal 6 for my birthday. AFTER I order the cable and new chip because I just learned my console has version 1 chip on it so I can’t download anything! LOL You could say i am LEARNING 😉

    • cckittenknits Said:

      OMG you have a lot on your plate. It reminds me of the country song where the guy tells the wife to do all kinds of chores and then says Come over and sit down and tell me why you are leaving me! LOL
      Good luck, hope you are up and running soon.

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