Sports Theme Baby Afghan on the Passap

This afghan was an order from a woman for a baby blanket  like the one that  I made for my great  nephew Hunter. She told me anything is fine but use a sports  theme. She gave me the child’s name and  colors. I started by buying   this graphic at   It is stated that you can use this clip art  in things to sell . All knitters should visit this site. Look at clip art. When  you see the design it looks like one whole picture. When you buy it, everything  in the picture is a separate file and you can use one or all. Of course, you  have to resize the files before using and that is what took me a long time.  I used technique 211and 179 stitches and138  rows. I used four colors and I  used  black strippers on the whole afghan. Not one mistake on the back because of stitches  not knitting off. The finished length is 49 inches by 36 width.

When you look at the afghan that is hanging it looks like you see the black through the afghan but you don’t. It is my camera or the light behind the afghan.

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