Another Browns Afghan on the Passap

Here is another Cleveland Browns afghan I made. I found the graphic in a Click art book I bought that has over 300,000 pictures that are on 12 cd discs. I don’t know why the graphic does not have a point on the end of the football on either end. My husband pointed that out and I told him that the ball was low on air and that when they kick a field goal, it has to be flat to rest on the ground! lol  You probably think I have blonde hair too!

I did the whole afghan with the black strippers and there is not one stitch on the back that did not knit off properly. However, I am not happy with the letters.  They are the same height and they are placed in different widths but the “cleveland” looks smaller . Well, this will go to my nephew. Men don’t notice that stuff!

This was technique 211 with four colors. I used23 ounces of yarn. I finally weighed each color before so I know how much I will need to do another afghan when the cones get smaller. I will tell you that the most ounces for one color was 7 ounces. This helps tremendously when doing four colors and you wonder if you have enough yarn of a certain color.

I also have to tell you that my girlfriend and husband bought me an electric yarn winder from Joanne fabrics and it is sooooooooooo nice. Well worth it. I waited till I had a 50% off coupon also. I really believe that the knitting went so well without mistakes  because the yarn was rewound evenly. It also holds a tremendous amount of yarn when rewound and I can finish an afghan without stopping to add more yarn. (No, I don’t work at Joanne Fabrics) 🙂


  1. Where do you find orange yarn? I have been looking for some for a Bengals Blanket and a Browns? Thanks

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