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Front band of baby sweater on passap

The design in the  baby sweater that I made to go with the afghan is similar to a baby jacket that I knitted years ago on the Brother Machine. I thought it was by Sandy Lightfoot but it wasn’t. It is in Machine Knitting News magazine, September of 1998. It is a design by Margaret Morton. I tried to do the middle band on the passap  that is for the buttons and the buttonholes. If I couldn’t do this, then I would not do rest of sweater. However, I was successful. I did not do the buttonholes in this sample but there are three down each side of plain knitted part. This is my next project and I will post it when I finish it. The band is 26 stitches wide and done in full needle rib. After four rows, you transfer five stitches each side of the middle one(on the back bed) to the front bed , put the needles out of work on the back bed that you just emptied and knit two rows. You bring one needle each side of middle one (on the back bed) into work and knit two rows until seven middle stitches. Then you decrease one stitch on each side and knit two rows until back down to one stitch. This forms the diamond.

Passap Baby V Neck Cardigan

This is my first baby sweater on the passap. The pattern is from a To and Fro magazine but I don’t have the date or the issue of the pattern. It is called Baby’s Cardigan by Ann Baker. It is pattern 1000 on the E 6000. The technique is 138-tuck stitch. It was very easy to do but I did not follow the pattern as it was written. I  did not bind off the neck, shoulder or sleeves because I don’t like the thickness of the seam after joining and sometimes it is too tight and does not stretch. I joined the shoulders on the machine and the sleeves and band as well. The band was the quickest thing yet. The pattern called for two buttonholes but I put in three so that the top one is where the first increase is. When I finished, it would have looked okay with just two.  I could not find cute white buttons because the fabric store had a huge closeout and will be restocking with another manufacturer. I did get heart buttons to put on a girls sweater but this couple is not revealing the babies sex so I had to go with plain. I made the hat and still have to do the booties. Click on picture to make larger to see the design. I like it because it almost matches the design in the afghan.

Baby Afghan Lovely on the Passap E 6000

I finished this Baby Afghan lovely today. It is a shower gift. I used a bright white in case they use it for a Christening. The baby is due in October so it will be cool out then.I am making a baby sweater and a hat and booties to go with it. I will be posting them when I finish them. I love this pattern because it is rare that mistakes happen.

Witch and Moon Throw on Passap

I made this witch and moon throw for my friend Linda if she wants it. She has had a really rough week. Halloween is her favorite time of year. I used technique 211, black strippers all the way with no mistakes on the back. I was able to figure out how to get the moon round instead of oblong! The size is 32 by 34 inches. I think the witches nose is about 10 inches long  too. lol

Passap Bootie and Hat larger size

I went back to the machine and made the hat and the booties in the larger size and I will go with the larger ones for a gift. I also made the  “I” cord and while it is not as cute, it will tie better and last longer especially after washing.

Passap Bootie Metbury pattern

Okay, my curiosity got the better of me and I made time to try these little booties. I think they are cute but don’t know how long ribbon would last. Might try an “I” cord. Much quicker to make than the ones I did and very little sewing on these. I did bind off a little too tight at cuff but this is just my sample. Hmmmm… what about tiny pom poms on the ends of the i cords. lol

Baby Hat on Passap-Metbury pattern

The woman that bought the sports baby afghan from me was such a pleasure to work with so I decided to add a little hat and socks. The socks I made on my Brother machine but the hat is made on the Passap. What a fun hat to make and I think it is so cute. I still like pom poms on hats but I made it so she can remove it if she doesn’t like it. The hat is from the Metbury patterns. I am going to try those little socks from the metbury patterns when I have a little more time.

Sports Theme Baby Afghan on the Passap

This afghan was an order from a woman for a baby blanket  like the one that  I made for my great  nephew Hunter. She told me anything is fine but use a sports  theme. She gave me the child’s name and  colors. I started by buying   this graphic at   It is stated that you can use this clip art  in things to sell . All knitters should visit this site. Look at clip art. When  you see the design it looks like one whole picture. When you buy it, everything  in the picture is a separate file and you can use one or all. Of course, you  have to resize the files before using and that is what took me a long time.  I used technique 211and 179 stitches and138  rows. I used four colors and I  used  black strippers on the whole afghan. Not one mistake on the back because of stitches  not knitting off. The finished length is 49 inches by 36 width.

When you look at the afghan that is hanging it looks like you see the black through the afghan but you don’t. It is my camera or the light behind the afghan.

Another Browns Afghan on the Passap

Here is another Cleveland Browns afghan I made. I found the graphic in a Click art book I bought that has over 300,000 pictures that are on 12 cd discs. I don’t know why the graphic does not have a point on the end of the football on either end. My husband pointed that out and I told him that the ball was low on air and that when they kick a field goal, it has to be flat to rest on the ground! lol  You probably think I have blonde hair too!

I did the whole afghan with the black strippers and there is not one stitch on the back that did not knit off properly. However, I am not happy with the letters.  They are the same height and they are placed in different widths but the “cleveland” looks smaller . Well, this will go to my nephew. Men don’t notice that stuff!

This was technique 211 with four colors. I used23 ounces of yarn. I finally weighed each color before so I know how much I will need to do another afghan when the cones get smaller. I will tell you that the most ounces for one color was 7 ounces. This helps tremendously when doing four colors and you wonder if you have enough yarn of a certain color.

I also have to tell you that my girlfriend and husband bought me an electric yarn winder from Joanne fabrics and it is sooooooooooo nice. Well worth it. I waited till I had a 50% off coupon also. I really believe that the knitting went so well without mistakes  because the yarn was rewound evenly. It also holds a tremendous amount of yarn when rewound and I can finish an afghan without stopping to add more yarn. (No, I don’t work at Joanne Fabrics) 🙂

Cleveland Browns Afghan on the Passap

I finished this afghan last night and I learned quite a bit from doing it twice. This is a pattern I made with a graphic. It is for a fund raiser. I only used two strands of 224 for each color and hardly any bleed through. Under the afghan you will see two pictures of the back of both afghans. When doing 4 colors , there are a lot of rows knitted on the back bed . Sometimes there were so many stitches that I had to constantly check to see if all knitted off. Well, while doing a hem awhile ago for a sample the directions said to use the black strippers. So…..on my second afghan, I used the black strippers any time that there were too many rows on the back bed and I did not get more than 2 “not knitted” stitches. When I did the lettering, I switched between orange strippers and black strippers. It sounds like a lot of work but in the long run, I did not have to worry about the stitches on the back. I still want to do some changes to the pattern before doing again. The lettering for Cleveland and Browns is the same height but I would make the lettering smaller the next time and maybe put more stripes in. Also, I want to work on the helmet design more. Both afghans came out the same size using the different strippers.