Carpet Stitch Hat on the Passap Machine

My wonderful friend Sheila bought me the notes from the Pacifically Passap Seminar. There was a pattern for the carpet stitch hat and I tried it today. It is sort of cute but I would not wear it. This is 224 yarn. You can probably make this hat in less than an hour once you see how it is constructed. My loops are not large and that is because I decreased the tension more than the pattern stated. I would also make the rib a little tighter than the pattern called for .


  1. Celestine Getty Said:

    I see when you talk about the yarn in a machine knitted item you mention a number. Is this number unique to yarn for machine knitting? Or what does the number mean?
    I do not wear hats, but this is cute.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Celestine, , The numbers of the yarn refer to the ply and the size. This is a very thin yarn and can be used single or double strand.It is an inexpensive yarn -acrylic .
      I wear hats but I don’t think I would wear it but I also think it is kind of cute.

  2. carla Said:

    I always wear hats in the winter and I find this very nice!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Carla, Thank you. I wear hats in the winter also but I don’t know if I would wear this. I am the conservative, boring dresser! lol

  3. Donna Said:

    I have been trying to fnd this pattern… would you have any suggestions? Thanks! Donna

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