Passap 2×1 Ribbed Sweater

This ribbed sweater pattern is in Duet International Magazine, Number 9, Winter of 1991. I thought it would be real easy . The pattern says that the collar is knitted with the back and front and not attached later. Okay, the back went well. Could not figure out the front so I shaped like I did on Brother machine and attached collar afterwards and it looks like it came out the same. It sure was a lesson in 2×1 rib. The pattern called for 2 strands of 224. Color is dusty rose. The pattern is one size fits all and is meant to fit snugly. It states that if you want it larger to use 3 strands of 224. I would not suggest it. It would be too bulky and warm. The second picture to the right is the front and how I short row decreased and took off on waste yarn. I then rehung front and finished collar the same as the back. The shoulders are short rowed casting off stitches three times. They look very irregular in the picture and they were on sweater. The next picture on the left shows how I joined the shoulders on the machine and the seams come out straight and look nice on the finished side. This is the front side of the sweater shoulder seam that is hung before hanging the back shoulder seam to bind off stitches.

The next picture is the joining of the sleeve. When shaping the sleeve doing decreases, the outside edges also look very irregular. You can see where I hung the sleeve stitches over the sweater stitches and how I bound them off.  The shape came out nice after turning to the right side. The next pictureto the left shows the look of the seam on the right side of fabric.

The picture to the right is a comparison of sizes. This pattern said one size fits all. I used a tension one whole number higher and I used weights on the one on the left. On the right, I followed pattern tensions.This is what I would do if you make it and want a larger size.

On the very first picture of this post, you can see that the first 30 rows of the pattern use TD 3.5/3.5 and then the rest of the sweater is 4/4. If you look closely you can see it slightly. Left click mouse for a close up view.

The last picture is a picture of the sweater on a person in the Duet book to see how it looks on.


  1. Bonnie Said:

    Wow. It turned out really good! I want to try to make one of these too. Could you send the pattern? I have what I think is going to be the perfect yarn.

    THANKS for inspiring us!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Bonnie, I sent you the pattern. Happy Knitting!

  2. Beth Said:

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Beth! I’m on a roll now! LOL

  3. Maggi Bloice Said:

    Was searching for details of Doris Paice today and came across your blog, I have knitted this several times and still I am unable to understand the neckline instructions – it drives me crazy – have been a Passap knitter for years and beaten by a “simple” pattern instruction – so glad to hear I am not the only one. Its a great jersey but gives me so much grief trying to knit it with its main feature ie the all in one polo.

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