Passap Summer Fairisle

I wanted to try the long stitch and told Lorraine(met at seminar in Illinois put on by Knittin’ To It club) that I see  a lot of patterns that say long stitch. She told me she spoke with a woman that said that was called summer fairisle a long time ago. Sooooooooooo, off to my machine I went and this is what I ended up with. It is pattern 1130 Technique 185. Now, the idea is the same as what Tanya Kudinoff taught at the seminar. However, to show you what a mind set I had, I had been doing the carpet stitch and you start off with transferring FB needles to BB. So, I thought that is how this went UNTIL I read that the stitches on the” FB have to be dropped off before Decreasing or Casting off.” Ah, hah!! So, I cast on and set up for pattern and this is how the fabric comes out in the picture on the left. I knit to top, released stitches on FB and then bound off on back bed. Then the fun part. You pull the front bed stitches on the fabric and it starts to grow!!!  The fabric looks terrific on both sides. Now, I want to try this with wool to see about making a lacy scarf. I don’t need real tight tension because I want it light. Just hope the wool can withstand the pulling without breaking. Will let you know how I come out.


  1. Barbara Said:

    GREAT BLOG. When I am worried about the strength of wool. I add a matching serger thread to the yarn. Hardly visible and makes it strong.
    I too have been experimenting with release stitch patterns and UX lately.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thanks Barb, I will definitely try that since the wool I have was expensive.

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