Passap Cuffs and Welts

This is just a simple tubular hem that works well with single bed tuck or double bed knitting. It lays completely flat and no ridge underneath when I changed to stockinette stitch.

This turned out to be a pretty design that would work well at the bottom of a skirt or child’s dress. However, I know it is not right. It says to knit on both beds one row and then knit 30 rows on FB  only. No way to get 30 rows knitted with one row on BB. I hope someone wants me to send the pattern so they can try and tell me what I am doing wrong.

The bottom design is 180 Birdseye fairisle. The larger one on top is the same pattern but FX and two arrows on back bed. I did not do the third example that was AX setting. On the bottom design I transferred and knitted. On the top design I stayed in full needle rib.

This technique is a good set up for heavier yarns or to produce a lighter weight fabric with a light edging.  I followed the techniqe and pattern that it called for and I don’t get the two color one. So I did another sample and just knitted all the rows in one color and I like it better. It would be a real nice tunic hem.

I have to tell you that I have been using my Tricofit and U100 to learn and I am getting worse at using them!! Is that possible? Still faster than hand transfer and bind off.

If you would like a copy of instructions, please email me.

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