Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch 1 & 2 Colors

I finally did it. I found instructions in a seminar manual that came with my machine. The sample on the left has the carpet stitch in the design only. The sample to the right is a two color carpet stitch and both colors are the carpet stitch. It is too long to write how I did this but if you want the directions you can email me and I will send in pdf file. The previous blog is good forΒ  cuffs and the tops of Christmas stockings. Would also look nice on the brim of a hat. I received an email from Diana of Pullman, WA and she said she uses the carpet stitch to make dust mitts! Good idea Diana!


  1. Anne Borgert Said:


    I’ve long wanted to master this. You say on your blog that you coul email a pdf of this. I’d really appreciate it. It’s getting cold here in Sydney, and a carpet stitch jacket or perhaps hat would be just the thing.

    Kind regards,

    Anne Borgert

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Anne, I sent this to you and you aknowledged receipt. Would love to see what you do with it. πŸ™‚

  2. Peg Garman Said:

    Hi Carol,
    I would love to learn how to do the carpet stitch. It’s kind of retro, kind of funky at the same time. What fun! I would really appreciate it, if you would send me the PDF.
    Thanks so much,
    PSl Love your blog!

  3. BJ Said:

    That is very cool! 1st thing that came to my mind is a bathrobe, which is way out of my league, but would be nice and fluffy. I would love to have the pdf and at least try some sample. Just had another thought, maybe one of those hooded baby towel/blankets.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi BJ, Good ideas! I will send the pdf file.

  4. Janet Hopgood Said:

    Hi Carol, I know this is a while back, but I would also like the PDF notes for the carpet stitch. I was able to do it easily on the DM80 but I am struggling a bit with the E6000.
    Many thanks

  5. dj larson Said:

    found your bog on a search for carpet stitch.. i have a dm80 and if you still send out the pdf for it i would ove a copy to try– haven’t seen it in two colors before… way cool

  6. laforcenee Said:

    Hi Carol,
    I was looking for an instruction to knit the carpet stitch on my E6000 and found this post. It has been many years since you posted this and I’m not sure if the website is still updated, but I would really appreciate if you could send me the pdf. Thanks a lot!

  7. I would like the instruction for the carpet stitch 1 and 2 colors on the e6000. My email address is I could not fing yours to email my request.

  8. Rosan Said:

    Hi Carol,

    I would love to receive the PDF if you still have it! Thank you so much in advance πŸ™‚

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