Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch 1 & 2 Colors

I finally did it. I found instructions in a seminar manual that came with my machine. The sample on the left has the carpet stitch in the design only. The sample to the right is a two color carpet stitch and both colors are the carpet stitch. It is too long to write how I did this but if you want the directions you can email me and I will send in pdf file. The previous blog is good for  cuffs and the tops of Christmas stockings. Would also look nice on the brim of a hat. I received an email from Diana of Pullman, WA and she said she uses the carpet stitch to make dust mitts! Good idea Diana!


  1. Anne Borgert Said:


    I’ve long wanted to master this. You say on your blog that you coul email a pdf of this. I’d really appreciate it. It’s getting cold here in Sydney, and a carpet stitch jacket or perhaps hat would be just the thing.

    Kind regards,

    Anne Borgert

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Anne, I sent this to you and you aknowledged receipt. Would love to see what you do with it. 🙂

  2. Peg Garman Said:

    Hi Carol,
    I would love to learn how to do the carpet stitch. It’s kind of retro, kind of funky at the same time. What fun! I would really appreciate it, if you would send me the PDF.
    Thanks so much,
    PSl Love your blog!

  3. BJ Said:

    That is very cool! 1st thing that came to my mind is a bathrobe, which is way out of my league, but would be nice and fluffy. I would love to have the pdf and at least try some sample. Just had another thought, maybe one of those hooded baby towel/blankets.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi BJ, Good ideas! I will send the pdf file.

  4. Janet Hopgood Said:

    Hi Carol, I know this is a while back, but I would also like the PDF notes for the carpet stitch. I was able to do it easily on the DM80 but I am struggling a bit with the E6000.
    Many thanks

  5. dj larson Said:

    found your bog on a search for carpet stitch.. i have a dm80 and if you still send out the pdf for it i would ove a copy to try– haven’t seen it in two colors before… way cool

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