Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch

I am having problems with reading directions for the carpet stitch. I don’t think they are detailed enough for a beginner like me. So…..I played around and this is what I have and it looks like it is right to me or let’s just say, I would be happy with this on a sleeve cuff or top of a Christmas stocking. After casting on I transferred all front stitches to the back bed and then I knitted two rows EX on back bed and CX on front bed. The pushers on the back bed were every other one and no arrows.  Then I knitted two rows N on back bed and GX on front bed. Then I took the orange comb and pushed all stitches off  front bed needles and left them in working position. I repeated these two steps and that is what made this pattern. I had a tighter tension on the back bed and I used Trenzi yarn in sample.

This picture is a close up of the loops of the stitches that are dropped from front bed.

This was my first try . (well…my first ones are in the scrap pile) I just did a circular cast on . When I finished trying the stitch I knit a couple of rows and then transferred the back stitches to the front and knitted a couple of more rows.


  1. Patty Tapp Said:

    This looks fantastic, modern, and would have a lot of applications.
    Will keep this in my file…thanks!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      You are welcome Patty but I don’t know if this is the right way to do it! LOL

  2. Linda L Lanese Said:

    I like it. What are your making?

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Linda, I wanted to learn this so I could make a Christmas stocking and this would be the cuff at the top.

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