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Passap Pocket with Mock Piping

This pocket is the same as the polo pocket but it has piping instead of the 1×1 rib. The whole pocket is finished except for sewing the linings and edges when the piece is done. I have to say that I am really glad that I have the tricofit. It binds off these samples quickly so I can move on to something else. This is the last sample of pockets.

Vertical Slit Pocket on the Passap

This is a Vertical Slit pocket done on the passap in double bed knit. I think this would look good on a regular stockinette stitch sweater. Don’t know that I like the pocket going straight across. Items would fall out so I think this would be for warming hands or just decoration. Too much work for decoration for me ! The pocket is made first and attached by hand after and it is single knit fabric to eliminate bulk in front.

Polo Pocket on the Passap

This is a polo pocket done on the passap. Very easy and I like it that the pocket is finished when you take it off of machine.(except for sewing sides of lining)You start the lining with waste yarn and end with waste yarn. After first part of lining is attached, you go into ribbing setup and bind off after knitting rib rows. This is from passap university book 1989. Email me if you would like instructions.

Slanted Pocket on the Passap

This is a sample of a pocket on the passap that I just tried. It is from Passap University book 1989 that my friend Sheila has. On the left of the pocket even with the rib is a line. I hand knitted stitches when putting back into work so I would not have to cut yarn. BAD IDEA! On the right of the rib, I accidentally twisted the piece while rehanging five stitches on the right. I cut and grafted so that I could see how this would turn out. It is a very unique idea and is all finished  except for sewing pocket sides up and the edges of the rib to the sweater. One picture shows a close up of the rib and another shows the inside of the pocket. The last picure shows the lining of the pocket but is not sewn up. While knitting the lining, after doing one side you will short row so that pocket comes out fairly square and then you will knit the other side of the lining. I also lost a couple of stitches on rib but would be more careful now since I know how it is knitted. I would encourage anyone to at least try this. Email me for the instructions.

Passap Wool Vest with Knit-In-Trim

This is a Sylvia Jones sweater design with Knit in Trim. The center band and armholes are knitted on back bed while knitting  main stitches on the front bed. Once I changed the setting on my back bed as suggested by Pat Groves of the Yahoo group, I was successful. This is Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 Wool. The original pattern is a pullover but I don’t like pullover vests so I made into a cardigan. Also, because I made my sweater larger than pattern I could not do back neck trim like pattern said. I had to do 1×1 to pull the neck in and it looks fine.

The second  picture shows the close up of the bands and the machine knitted applique flowers that I put on so that it wasn’t so plain. I am sure you can knit the flowers on the passap but I cheated(uh oh!) and used my Brother machine because it was faster. I was able to finish the vest in one day and I did the flowers in an evening and took about an hour or two to sew them on.

Wool Scarf using Lace Design and U100

I made this wool scarf on the Passap using a lace design and the U100 transfer carriage. The yarn is Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 . I just let the edges gently roll instead of trying to steam straight because the design pulled in naturally at intervals. It was harder using wool because the yarn splits and I had to always check and make sure the whole stitch transferred. I will be trying another scarf with Perla since it has such nice drape and silky feeling. Left click on mouse on picture to make picture bigger

More Passap Lacey Designs Using U100

These are designs for lacey patterns in passap book using U100 to transfer stitches from fb to bb.  From left to right they are patterns 1012, 1015, 1018, 1022, and 1155. Technique 280. The yarn used was Perla at tension 5.

Passap Lace pattern using the U100

OMG! What fun this pattern is. I used Perla yarn for sample. Pattern is 1130 and technique 280. First cast on and then transfer all st to back bed. Then every two rows you transfer stitches from the front to the back. The console will tell you which direction to transfer and which setting to use on the U100. The picture below is the reverse side which I think would be okay on a scarf.

Passap Miniature Christmas Stocking with carpet stitch cuff

This is another pattern from the Passap University Book. It is knitted circular starting with plain knitting and 12 st each bed. I did not do that. I knitted carpet stitch on 24 stitches on one bed, took off on waste yarn and rehung 12 st on back and 12 st on front and knit circular to the toe, shortrowing for the heel and toe. I did not gather stitches at end, I took off circular on waste yarn and grafted toe st(only 8 st) It will look nice on a Christams tree.Could do even smaller and wear as a pin. Total length is about four inches. Email me if you would like the pattern . I will rewrite how I did it if you want this carpet stitch at the top.

Passap Summer Fairisle

I wanted to try the long stitch and told Lorraine(met at seminar in Illinois put on by Knittin’ To It club) that I see  a lot of patterns that say long stitch. She told me she spoke with a woman that said that was called summer fairisle a long time ago. Sooooooooooo, off to my machine I went and this is what I ended up with. It is pattern 1130 Technique 185. Now, the idea is the same as what Tanya Kudinoff taught at the seminar. However, to show you what a mind set I had, I had been doing the carpet stitch and you start off with transferring FB needles to BB. So, I thought that is how this went UNTIL I read that the stitches on the” FB have to be dropped off before Decreasing or Casting off.” Ah, hah!! So, I cast on and set up for pattern and this is how the fabric comes out in the picture on the left. I knit to top, released stitches on FB and then bound off on back bed. Then the fun part. You pull the front bed stitches on the fabric and it starts to grow!!!  The fabric looks terrific on both sides. Now, I want to try this with wool to see about making a lacy scarf. I don’t need real tight tension because I want it light. Just hope the wool can withstand the pulling without breaking. Will let you know how I come out.

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