Passap E6000, My first sweater

This is my first sweater on the Passap E 6000. I found the design in a Machine Knitting News Magazine. I thought it would be easy because you don’t use the console. I used diamonte yarn. I found I needed two pounds of yarn because of knitting on double bed. This pattern was originally cut and sew but I don’t like that for two reasons. One, I would rather spend three hours at knitting machine than getting out my sewing machine and, Two, I feel it is a waste  of good yarn. I think after this one I might change my mind! It took me roughly two weeks to make this because of working at my job and because I made one sleeve three times. The first time I followed measurements of upper sleeve that were in the pattern and it was too large. Then I knitted again and only did  two pin tuck designs instead of four. The third time I made the sleeve I did three pin tucks instead of four and I decided to make the other one the same instead of starting all over. Then I made one of the front bands a couple of times. The pattern called for short rowed shoulders and I did it even though I don’t like the look. It does cut a lot of excess material away doing that.  If I make this again and I probably will now that I know what I would change, I would do cut and sew and I would not short row shoulders. Also, you can see my decreases up the neck which is okay but with cut and sew it would be nice and smoothe. The pin tucks are easy to do. It is just holding yarn on one bed and knitting four rows on the other bed. Cancel and knit normally until next pin tuck. After all of this, the jacket does look nice on me. 🙂



  1. Bonnie Said:

    I am jealous! It looks perfect to me and i would be proud to wear it!

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you Bonnie! I laughed when you said you were jealous. If I had whipped this up in a day , then you could be jealous. I just kept at it because I was determined to get it right. Again, thank you,

  3. Whoops! Commented on the wrong post LOL. It should be here:

    It looks AWESOME!! You did a fantastic job 🙂 I recently did a sweater I had to redo several pieces for and it’s so nice when you finally get it finished and it turns out great.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Pauline, And yes, a couple of times I almost gave up and rewound the yarn but I continued and am glad that I did. Hope to post another soon if I find an easy pattern. LOL

  4. Linda L Lanese Said:

    ♥ it get job lady 🙂

    • Carol Said:

      Thank you Linda, my number one fan. I think you meant great job and not get a job. I already have two jobs and they aren’t knitting ones either!LOL

  5. Kathy Said:

    I love this sweater. Which issue was it in? Hope I can find it.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      It is Machine Knitting News 1999 . I sent a copy to you in case you don’t have it.
      Carol 🙂

      • Jackie Said:

        Hi, do you know what month the issue was. I have a copy of the pattern but no instuctions for the neck band. I don’t want to attempt the hacket without all the info. Thanks.

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