My nephew is a hunter and his wife is due to deliver their first baby boy that they are going to name Hunter (and the baby will be one too when he gets older).  I really like to make these babyghans so I looked for a deer in clip art. I reduced the size to 25 by 25 pixels and saved it. Then I went to the original design of the pink one and removed the pattern in center . In win crea, I overlayed the deer into the  pattern and came up with this. In this babyghan, the opposite side is used as the front side. The pink is a reverse of this one. When you look at the back of the pattern, you will see why this side is used. I was excited to make it and was going to go with hunter (no pun intended) green and beige but lost my nerve. Then when I saw it in the blue and white I sort of think it looks more like a reindeer! Oh well, the great thing is that it is a pillow and does not take up a lot of room. They can even put it in one of their cars.  Even so, I am sure I will be trying different designs and make more.

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