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Sweater Hoodie

I made this Hoodie on my Bulky Machine. The yarn is Caron’s Simply Soft.  This hoodie  is for my great nephew Hunter who was born tonite at 6:30 P.M. Hope he will get a couple of months of wear out of this. The pattern was made up by my friend Sheila. What I like about it(other than the fact that she shared it with me!) is that the hood is not pointed.  And you don’t have to worry about losing the baby’s hat if it is attached.

“The Last Supper” Afghan

I just finished this four color afghan today using my Passap E 6000 . I made this from a graphic from Dover Publications that I get weekly. I worked on the pattern for ages until I liked what I had. But, in making it smaller I did not want to cut off the floor or the fixture hanging from ceiling with fire burning in it. The best conversion was Journal Six with stippling. Then I moved it to DAK and changed the colors since I did not think it would look really good in the shades of grey. From there I copied it into Adobe Photoshop and saved it as a bmp file in win/crea.(I did all of this because I have to learn to download from Journal Six and have not had the time) The colors are Light tan, Medium tan, cream and taupe.  The dimensions are 36 inches by 59 inches. It weighs One pound and five ounces. I like the back design on the four color afghans.(shown below)

This is for sale in my Etsy shop

Felted Hat

This is a hat that I knitted using Paton’s Classic Wool Yarn and Fun Fur yarn knitted with the wool for the brim. Then I felted it.  It is chocolate brown. The difference between this one and the black one is that the brim folds back on this one and it stands out on the black one. It is a Judy Meisner pattern. It is available in my Etsy store.

Felted Hat

I tried felting again. I made this with Paton’s Classic wool and a yarn called Paton’s ChaCha for the trim on the brim. This is a Judi Meissner pattern. The last picture is the hat before it is seamed and felted

St.Patricks Day

My husband is Irish and he has been doing a lot of the cooking in our house for the last few years. Of course, I get to clean up which is okay with me. But… I thought I would be funny and make him his own dish cloth( I was in a hurry and there are some stitches that did not knit properly.) I went back to the machine and made the Irish one without mistakes and presented it to him and told him it is his if he makes corned beef and cabbage on St. Patricks Day. LOL

Sweater Scarf

This is a sweater scarf I knitted that was designed by Sandy Cherry. It is only half of a sweater. This is ideal for seminars, lectures, movies where your shoulders get cold from drafts. The ties look like sleeves and have cuffs on them. I knit this with Can Cun yarn because I like the slight sparkle in the yarn. There is a design in this sweater that you can see in the close up of it. Stitches are crossed with knit rows inbetween those rows.

Train BabyGhan

This is a pattern I came up with for a train Babyghan. Again, I found clipart under Train Silouettes. I made this train size around 34 by 31 pixels. I put the train tracks all around the first one I did and it was too much. It took away from the design. The train tracks are not connected in the larger part of the afghan because of the number of stitches in the original size. This is a brighter blue than the deer babyghan.

Natashia is a Happy Girl

I have to share this with you. I had a special order for this cat afghan from a very nice lady in Pennsylvania . She wanted this afghan as a surprise  for her granddaughter Natashia. The following paragraph is what she wrote. This just makes me warm and fuzzy all over.

Hi Carol,
I had to share with you. Natashia came over this weekend to stay with us and I had her bed made with her Cat afghan you made. I told her to go to her room that there was something special on her bed. When she saw the afghan she SCREAMED….I LOVE IT!!!! I even had Harley on it. She was so excited…You made one little girl happy..She said to tell you also that she likes her socks too…They are very pretty….


My nephew is a hunter and his wife is due to deliver their first baby boy that they are going to name Hunter (and the baby will be one too when he gets older).  I really like to make these babyghans so I looked for a deer in clip art. I reduced the size to 25 by 25 pixels and saved it. Then I went to the original design of the pink one and removed the pattern in center . In win crea, I overlayed the deer into the  pattern and came up with this. In this babyghan, the opposite side is used as the front side. The pink is a reverse of this one. When you look at the back of the pattern, you will see why this side is used. I was excited to make it and was going to go with hunter (no pun intended) green and beige but lost my nerve. Then when I saw it in the blue and white I sort of think it looks more like a reindeer! Oh well, the great thing is that it is a pillow and does not take up a lot of room. They can even put it in one of their cars.  Even so, I am sure I will be trying different designs and make more.