My First Felted Purse

This is my very first felted purse that I did by myself . Of course, I was coached by my best supporter and designer, Linda. I didn’t even burn my hands in the water when I felted it. This was knitted in a unique way. I could not picture what it was going to come out like. The front and back are two seperate pieces. They are knit straight and decreased every two rows on the 15th needle from each end. When one piece is finished, the cream color stitches are brought together and grafted and the piece takes on the shape that it is. The two pieces are crocheted together with wrong sides together. The flap is added before the cord and knitted the same way the front and backs are knitted. I did not know how to do the crab stitch for finishing around the flap but thank goodness for videos on the internet. I finished that and then felted. The color of this is a taupe for the main color, charcoal for the second color and cream for the third color. One picture that I took came out looking like grey, black and white and that is the color I will try next. Also, would make a little larger.  I have to find a button for the closure on front.


  1. Linda L Lanese Said:

    Good job lady 🙂

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    To my biggest fan-Thank you!

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