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Miniature Reindeer Sweater

Here’s another little miniature sweater I made today. Yep, I now know I can make a child’s sweater in the time it takes to make this one. The back of the sweater is navy with red stripes every four rows. The cuffs and the trim around the front is “I” cord and the sweater is attached at the same time as knitting the “I” cord. It is made with Trenzado yarn and it is for sale in my Etsy store.

Miniature Fairisle Sweater

I made this little fairisle sweater last night. It is made with Trenzado yarn. It has the fairisle design on the back also. The cuffs, neckband and bottom band are 1×1 rib. I enjoy making these little sweaters but last night I realized how long they take to knit. I swear I could make a children’s sweater in the same amount of time. LOL  It is for sale in my Etsy store.



This pattern is from Norm Whitfield of the Passap People Club.  He was nice to put the directions on the site so others can try knitting this darling little pillow + afghan called a babyghan. The first picture is the finished pillow with afghan inside. The second picture is the front side of the babyghan. The third picture is the pillow part attached to afghan . The fourth picture is the reverse side, getting ready to fold  afghan. Pictures  five through eight are the folds to put it inside of pillow. I made this on my passap machine. This was a lot of fun to make. Can’t wait to try more designs.

Cat Afghan-Special Order

This was a special order from a very nice woman who has a granddaughter that just got her first pet- a black cat named Harley. This woman showed her granddaughter the afghan of the  black cat with the blue background in my Etsy store and her granddaughter said she liked it but it would look better in pink. I hope she thinks so when she sees it! This is going to be a surprise for her.Her grandmother is going to make a pillow to go  along with this. She said her granddaughter is a little “cuddle bug”. Grandmas know best.

This is a pattern from Knitten Buds and it was made on the passap machine. I was worried about the black showing through the pink so I lowered the tension by one or two dots and I am glad that I did.

Miniature Cable Sweater

This is another little miniature sweater that can be used as a Christmas ornament or as a gift to a friend. It is made with Trenzado yarn. The hem and the cuff are purl stitches . The cables are crossed in mirror images of each other. The cables are on the back of the sweater also. The neck is a roll collar. It is on a little home-made hanger. The color of the sweater is watermelon .  It will be for sale soon in my Etsy store.

My First Felted Purse

This is my very first felted purse that I did by myself . Of course, I was coached by my best supporter and designer, Linda. I didn’t even burn my hands in the water when I felted it. This was knitted in a unique way. I could not picture what it was going to come out like. The front and back are two seperate pieces. They are knit straight and decreased every two rows on the 15th needle from each end. When one piece is finished, the cream color stitches are brought together and grafted and the piece takes on the shape that it is. The two pieces are crocheted together with wrong sides together. The flap is added before the cord and knitted the same way the front and backs are knitted. I did not know how to do the crab stitch for finishing around the flap but thank goodness for videos on the internet. I finished that and then felted. The color of this is a taupe for the main color, charcoal for the second color and cream for the third color. One picture that I took came out looking like grey, black and white and that is the color I will try next. Also, would make a little larger.  I have to find a button for the closure on front.

Miniature Knitted Sweater

This is a miniature knitted sweater that I made today. It is dark navy and red. It has two patch pockets. It hangs on a little home-made hanger. This would be a nice gift for that knitting friend of yours. It is for sale in my Etsy store cckittenknits.

JaggerSpun Maine Line Wool Vest

This is my favorite wool vest. I knitted it with a yarn I really really like-JaggerSpun Maine Line Wool 2/8’s. When my husband and I went to Maine, we stopped at Halcyon Yarn shop and I was in heaven. Floor to ceiling walls of yarns in all colors and weights. (Good thing I don’t live near this store) I used the Brother machine and lace carriage. The bottom is one lace design and the top is a differnt one. This vest probably looks funny to you but I look best in set in sleeves and I have narrow shoulders. It fits perfectly, has nice drape and looks good with black pants and black turtleneck.(That is why I have a black frog button for the closure.) The pieces are started with waste and ravel. When that is removed the edge takes on a scalloped look without any other finishing at the hem. I bought quite a few different colors of this yarn and can’t wait to make another sweater for myself. Would like to use my passap machine but the yarn is a little on the thicker side .

Michael Becker Instant Afghan on Passap

I made this Michael Becker Afghan in Navy and Off White 224. It has a wonderful drape to it and a perfect size.  This afghan is from his Instant Afghan Book Number Four. It is 45″ by 70″ and is available in my cckittenknits etsy store. The picture on the right is the reverse side of the afghan.

CanCun Black & White Sweater

I made this sweater two years ago on my Brother machine  and have never finished it because I could not find buttons I liked. My final decision is to make covered buttons with the yarn I used. This sweater design is taken from the first issue of Machine Knitting Fashion Magazine (picture below) and I made changes. I put blocks into the pattern and then I knitted cords and twisted, some plain and some with black beads. That took forever. The cuff of the sleeve and the collar are a scallop design. I first tried in a black and white white but it was too bright. This is black and an off white.

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