Retirement Afghan on Passap Machine

My niece asked me if I could make an afghan for someone that was retiring. I came up with four designs and this is the one that she and coworkers chose. I found out today that Kathy liked it. I made this on the passap machine in red, white and navy. It took me hours to get the stars right in the flag without distortion. I finally scanned the picture in black and white and then the corrections were not too time consuming. I originally had it red around the border but I used three strands of navy and two of the red and white and I felt that if I used red for border, the edges would be flimsier than the body of the afghan.You can click on picture for closeup.


  1. Joyce H Said:

    This is awesome Carol. If you publish the design, let me know. I will buy it.

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Hi Joyce, No need to buy it. I can send it to you. I made four different designs and will send all four if you want. One was plain with the flag and the writing. The next one had a flag and shooting star, the third had the flag and fireworks and the fourth had the flag and stars all around the afghan. What program do you download with?
    Thanks for the compliment.

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