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Retirement Afghan on Passap Machine

My niece asked me if I could make an afghan for someone that was retiring. I came up with four designs and this is the one that she and coworkers chose. I found out today that Kathy liked it. I made this on the passap machine in red, white and navy. It took me hours to get the stars right in the flag without distortion. I finally scanned the picture in black and white and then the corrections were not too time consuming. I originally had it red around the border but I used three strands of navy and two of the red and white and I felt that if I used red for border, the edges would be flimsier than the body of the afghan.You can click on picture for closeup.

Passap Dish Cloth & Towel

My friend Sheila made this pattern and it is so cute. It is knitted with one strand of cotton 8/2 green and light yellow . It is the same pattern, same number of stitches and the same tension but different techniques. The dish cloth is knitted with technique 179 but uses pushers on the back bed which are not called for in that technique and a different back lock setting. The dish towel is knitted with technique 187 and follow all instructions normally. She made several sets for her friends but made me make my own! LOL But, she did give me the pattern so she must like me. The funny thing is that my kitchen is blue and I have that color . So, if there are any Carol’s out there with a green and light yellow kitchen, it’s yours. Just contact me.

You can click on the picture for a closer look.

Skull Scarves in Red & Black

My niece took the skull scarf for her grandson, so I made him his in black and white without fringe. Then my niece wanted two scarves in red and black for a friend. Now I am finished with my family obligations. LOL Click on the picture for a close up of scarf. My niece told me to put them in my etsy shop but I told her I did not think anyone would want one and then she ends up finding someone that does.

Jumper for child size 2-4

This is a jumper I made using Bramwell 4 ply yarn on the standard machine. I made the pocket using the passap machine using 3 colors and no floats on inside of pocket . This fits a child from size two to four. This looks cute with a white or red turtleneck under it. The second picture is a jumper I made for a friend’s daughter in a size four.

This is for sale in my Etsy store.

Baby Romper

This is a romper designed by Pat Frette. It is made with a high quality yarn CanCun. The yarn has a bit of sparkle in it. The neck, legs and arm bands have a picot design. There is a row of fairisle hearts seperating the top and bottom and a fairisle heart on the white side. This fits a child one to two years. It is machine washable and dryable. There are three snaps in crotch area so that romper can be put on and also to change diapers easily. This is the perfect little romper for your sweetie onValentines day. This item is for sale in my Etsy Store.