Michael Becker Afghan


  1. hello,
    these afghans left me speechles 😮 …
    I would like to ask one question:
    I like colourful knitting, but i always try to find a pattern that does not have too big distances between repeating colours. how to say.. I mean, I don’t like to keep too long loose yarns in the backside of work, while knitting with different colour. as I see, your afghans have big pieces of one colour. do you keep loose yarns in the backside like this: http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/78_56/104_83/DSC_0135-vi.jpg or you do it somehow different? I think, in such an afghan, these loose yarn must be so long..
    I’m sorry, if my question is hard to understand, English is not my mothertongue.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Auktuma, I understand completely what you are trying to ask. We refer to these long strands of yarn as floats. When knitting fairisle on a Brother machine you will get floats unless you do double bed knitting. My afghan is done on a passap knitting machine that uses both beds and eliminates the floats. I will post a picture on my blog page of the reverse side so you can see how the back looks using double beds and the passap machine. I hope I have not confused you.
      Thank you for the compliment. I bought this machine 10 months ago and I love it for the afghans you can make.

      • thank you for your kind answer 🙂 that did satisfy my curiosity, and expanded my vocabulary as well. i must admit, i haven’t read your blog, i just found your last post using tag-surfer. i did not realise, it is a machine knitting.

        good luck with your future projects!
        (and i think one day i would try to hand-knit a colourful afghan, inspired by you)

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