Toy Fox Terrier Rosie

I knitted this piece of fabric on my Passap E 6000. I used a photo of my dog and converted it into graphics and then knitted it. If I made an afghan I would do the background a light grey. I used four colors and one strand of 224 yarn of each  to see if the picture would knit correctly. It did.


  1. Molly Said:

    What software did you use to aquire this photo into a knit pattern?

    I cant afford DAK on my income and Win_crea is giving me problems and doesnt seem to have the stipple function for rendering that Journal 6 has

    Not to mention my console keeps screeming at me with error 213 when trying to download from win_crea

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi, My lunch hour is over and I can answer you this evening. Don’t give up on win/crea. You are getting an error because your pattern has a lot of rows to knit. For example, if you are knitting with 2 colors, you actually knit four rows for one row of pattern. The solution is to go to original pattern and save the bottom half and name file bottom half, then do the same for the top half. If you donwload the bottom half, it will work. Keep track of rows and when finished, take console to computer and download the top half. It works! Will write tonite. One hint. Close out of win/crea after downloading the bottom half because if you try to download the top it will tell you that there is not enough room again.

      Carol Original Message:

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Hi Molly, Did not realize you were the same person for both emails. I used the design a knit program to get the size and colors. Then I took it to win/crea to download. I had to touch pattern up a little. My problem now is that I am using photo shop pro and get a good picture, then take it to DAK to correct anything but when I take it to download in win/ crea, the picture has all the colors again and is distorted. So………I am still back to learning photo shop pro and Dak. Good luck and don’t give up. Carol

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