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Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle, the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

This is an afghan that I made on my Passap machine  from scanning the design from a knitting machine book. I love the technique and the needle set up. The second color is actually a yellow but looks white.

 This is another pattern I bought from The Knitten Buds. This was my first afghan using three colors. It is navy, white and cranberry. Can’t wait to try another in different colors.

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I bought this baseball border pattern from The Knitten Buds. I then searched for graphics of the Indians. I placed both designs inside the borders, downloaded the design into my machine, and knitted away. This was my first try. I will do some changes and knit a second one shorter and wider. Not bad for my first attempt at this. I have to edit the chief wahoo in several places and then will post the next one that I knit.

Okay, the picture on the left is my new afghan that I made smaller. (1200 rows) . The larger one is 1500 rows. I am still having a problem trying to get the afghan wider though this is wider than the other one. If I loosen  the tension you see the background colors too much. I will try a different technique until I am really happy with the outcome. Back to the drawing board.

Toy Fox Terrier Rosie

I knitted this piece of fabric on my Passap E 6000. I used a photo of my dog and converted it into graphics and then knitted it. If I made an afghan I would do the background a light grey. I used four colors and one strand of 224 yarn of each  to see if the picture would knit correctly. It did.